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Game Over Movie Review: Taapsee Pannu nails it in this engaging psychological thriller


We are still in an awe of Taapsee Pannu’s performance in Badla which released in March this year. Now just after a few months in June, Taapsee is back on the big screen with the film Game Over and a performance that will be remembered for long.

Writing what exactly Game Over is all about is a bit difficult because the film has a couple of sub-plots, but thankfully doesn’t leave us confused. Swapna (Taapsee) has a fear of darkness because of an incident that took place in her life on New Year’s Eve. While Swapna is struggling with her fear, on the other hand, there’s a plot of a serial killer murdering young girls by beheading them. Writer-director Ashwin Saravanan has very well got these two plots together and has made a good psychological thriller. Not to forget, he has very smartly gelled up the supernatural element in his story.

However, we feel that the first half of the film could have been better. There are very few scenes in the first half that will give you jerks. But, then in the second half, the movie picks up the momentum and till the climax, you are hooked to the screens. There are sequences that will make your heart beat faster and will also keep on the edge of the seat.

Coming to performances, the whole film is on Taapsee Pannu’s shoulder. She is simply excellent in the film and has given an award-winning performance. Watch out for her eye expressions in this movie. With every film, Taapsee is taking the bar to a higher level and now, in her next, we will expect more from her. Vinodhini Vaidynathan as Kalamma supports well.

Talking about music, thankfully, the makers have not added a single song in the film because it would have been a hurdle in the narrative. But here the background score does wonders for the movie.

Overall, Game Over is an engaging psychological thriller with Taapsee Pannu’s powerful act as the highlight of the film.

Ratings: 3/5

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