SANIA MASKATIYA ON FASHION AND HER LATEST EID COLLECTION by ASJAD NAZIR Dressing up in fine clothes is an age-old tradition associated with Eid and each year many top designers launch new collections connected to the annual holiday. Ace Pakistani designer Sania Maskatiya has built up a multi-award winning brand best known for its fine craftsmanship aimed at the modern woman. It recently launched its 2019 Eid collection titled Alef. The collection, comprising 57 distinct designs available online and at flagship outlets, has the Sania Maskatiya unique signature, a chic edge and a synthesis of east and west. Eastern Eye caught up with Sania to speak about the latest collection, Eid and fashion. How do you approach designing a new collection? When planning a new collection, we love experimenting with different styles, colours, patterns, cuts, work and designs. It’s a beautiful thing when different ideas from all the team members formalise into something majestic in front of our eyes. Tell us about your Eid 2019 collection, Alef? Alef pays homage to what defines both designer and label alike: intrinsically relaxed and feminine with an elegance that imbues tradition with what’s current. Featuring geometric to pastoral motifs, linear to breezy silhouettes, muted to iridescent hues, and an overall sumptuousness that synthesises east and west, Alef reflects a definitively chic edge; adorning the Sania Maskatiya woman as well as the song in her soul, in perfect tone and pitch. What was the main inspiration behind it? It was essentially creating pieces that are intrinsically relaxed and feminine with an elegance that imbues tradition. What was the biggest challenge of putting this collection together? To add a freshness to the styles and silhouettes keeping the occasion and weather in mind. Who are your designs aimed at? (Smiles). Women of today. How would you describe the woman who wears your outfits? The Sania Maskatiya woman is one who feels comfortable, empowered, confident and beautiful. What are the hot fashion trends this year? The fashion industry is evolving continuously, recycling and repeating, finding different avenues of creativity. We know what is trending locally, as well as internationally. However, as a team, we prefer to be creative and ingenious as we all come up with ideas and when they intertwine, they become a great piece of fashion. How do you plan to celebrate Eid this year? Eid, for me, is a time to unwind and connect with my family and friends. Please share a fond Eid memory… Eid has always been a very intimate family holiday. I love how we all plan to make sure we are together on these auspicious days. The dinner gatherings and late night dessert cravings are a tradition for me. Being a mom is my favourite part about Eid and seeing my kids’ excitement for Eid, Eidi, and family gatherings. They enjoy Eid, just like their mum. Tell us, what is your big Eid wish this year? That peace and tolerance prevail in our society. Why do you love fashion? Fashion and designing come naturally to me, through creativity and playing around with different fabrics and styles. At Sania Maskatiya, we have a vision where creativity can flourish through bespoke craftsmanship, traditional handwork and modern silhouettes.