Fixing Brexit pills ‘panic’

by NADEEM BADSHAH LEADING pharmacists have urged colleagues and patients not to “panic buy” after it emerged that Brexit has sparked a shortage of some medicines. Some independent businesses have had cashflow problems after buying excess stock due to rumours about shortages linked to delays over Britain leaving the European Union. Supply problems have caused an official list of “concession” priced medicines to reach its longest since 2014, when it was first introduced. The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, which draws up the list, warned that Britain’s exit from the EU, coupled with manufacturers’ views of the country as a “less attractive market”, had triggered “significant” problems. Some 96 medicines now appear on the concessions list, including painkiller Naproxen and some morphine products prescribed to cancer patients. Dr Mahendra Patel, a senior academic pharmacist and board member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, told Eastern Eye: “I wouldn’t panic buy as it is going to cause more issues. “Pharmacists shouldn’t stockpile as it is cause congestion in the delivery pipeline and will exacerbate the shortage. You can get patients the best alternative medicine. “Brexit has brought serious shortages to  light, but we are working with GPs to ensure patient safety is not compromised.” He added: “The issue around online buying is the safety aspect and legitimate sources. You have to be careful how they access that and are registered. “Patients should go to their pharmacist or GP with any queries about medication. “[We’re] Ensuring there’s not a delay in getting medicine to patients by contacting wholesalers. Other non-branded medication is as effective. There is a serious shortage protocol in place. For many years there have been shortages, we have dealt with it.” Other pills that pharmacists have reported shortages of include anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants and medicine for high blood pressure. Vikesh Patel,from…

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