Fan Club Of The Week

DASHING actor Namik Paul has delighted fans with winning turns on TV in a variety of projects. He has gained a lot of admirers, including Fairy from Canada and Ritz from UAE, who run a fan club dedicated to him. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more…

What made you set up the fan club?

We have been following Namik Paul since the Ek Duje Ke Vaaste days. We made this fan club because of the immense respect we have for him. We just wanted to provide a platform where Namik fans from all over the world to unite. Namik Paul fans are referred as #PaulClan.

Tell us more about your fan club?

Our fan club is solely dedicated to Namik Paul, who is an amazing actor and an even better human being. We give regular updates like news, interview links and everything related to Namik. Plus we try our best to do fun activities and keep our followers engaged.

What’s been your memorable moment?

The whole journey has been great, but the most memorable moment was when Namik Paul followed us back. This emotion is difficult to express in words, but it was a cloud-nine moment. Also, whenever he appreciates us and gives his valuable opinion is memorable.

What is the best thing you like about Namik Paul?

There isn’t just one thing, but a whole list. He comes across like a friend and straightforward person with no pretence. He’s very hardworking, humble, down to earth and an effortless actor who understands his characters. He considers fans as extended family, and no matter how busy he is always takes out time to connect and reply.

What is your favourite work Namik has done?

We have loved all his work till date. We got introduced to him through Ek Duje Ke Vaaste as Shravan Malhotra, a character that demanded varied emotions and he truly justified all of them. Later Namik did web series The Trip as Adil, which was a complete contrast from Shravan. Next Namik came as a host in Aye Zindagi and addressed many important issues. He is new in the industry, but in a short space of time, his growth as an actor has been tremendous.

Tell us interesting fact about him…

Just before pursuing an acting career, he was working at NDTV as a reporter. Another interesting fact is he can’t stand the smell of ketchup and cheese when served separately, though he loves eating pizzas.

What is the definition of a true fan?

A true fan loves, supports and stands with their favourite through thick and thin. Being a true fan means finding inspiration from who you admire, bestowing unconditional love and respecting their personal space. Also, a true fan can criticise their favourite if needed.