Fan Club Of The Week

TALENTED Indian actor Ashish Sharma has shown off his versatility in a wide array of projects and in the process won over fans around the world, including across the Middle East.

Rima Mohammad from Jordan, Ghizlan Hadire from Morocco and Tahreer Hamoudi and Doha Hussein from Iraq run a fan club dedicated to the actor. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?

We became huge fans of Ashish Sharma after watching Rab Se Sohna Isshq and Rangrasiya. When the Ashish fan base started to extend in the Arab world, we decided to set up the page on Twitter to post everything about him for his fans.

Tell us about your fan club.

We post everything on Ashish including about his shows, his achievements and to encourage voting for him when polls happen. It is also a portal to reach the love of Arabs to him, which we could do thankfully.

What has been your most memorable moment from the club?

There are many. The first time we realised Ashish knew about us was in his birthday segment last year and he thanked us. When Ashish answered our question on his radio interview with Raj Baddan. Also when he replied to us and encouraged our Ashish Sharma library initiative recently.

What do you like best about Ashish Sharma?

Everything. His modesty and professionalism. We love him as an actor and as a person. And how he inspires everyone with his love to do good for others.

What is your favourite work he has done?

Rangrasiya, and now we are so excited to watch him as Prithvi Vallabh.

Tell us an interesting fact about Ashish.

He is so considerate regarding his fans worldwide and appreciates them. He tries to dedicate some time for them as much as he can.

What is your definition of a true fan?

A true fan is someone who is supportive, loving and respects the limits of their favourite star’s private life.