Expert wedding catering tips

London-based Turmeric Root offers top-level services in all areas of the wedding industry and collaborates with couples for a complete one-stop service.

One of their main areas of expertise is making sure that those getting married have the perfect catering for all the guests attending. Eastern Eye got Tumeric Root partners Rupesh Patel and Ramesh Jain to give some key tips for fabulous food at weddings.

They said: “We have an enviable reputation for imaginatively presented and delicious food. Getting it right on the day is key as there are no dress rehearsals. So our experienced and energetic team ensures couples have a seamless, stress-free experience.

“Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will spend hours meeting and choosing various suppliers, and should be equally as thorough when choosing the caterer. The type and style of food set the tone for your wedding.”

Determine your budget: Do your research to determine the cost of a wedding caterer and set a budget from your results. Be sure to ask caterers what is included in their packages – for example, table linen, menus, staff, drinks and the overall service they shall provide, together with the quality of ingredients used. If you’re on a tight budget, tell the caterer to determine if they can create a package that is right for you.

Genuine interest in your event: Most caterers would tell you their food is scrumptious, but not all will take the time to familiarise themselves with your event and its specific needs. If you want the best for your event, a great caterer would often ask questions about your theme and style so that they can serve you better. One early indicator to a good caterer would be their quick response to inquiries, whether it is made through calls or emails.

Decide on the food service style: Depending on your budget and event, how the food is served can make all the difference to your wedding. For example, it is very common at Gujarati weddings to have a buffet service or sit-down meal at receptions or food stands at pre-wedding events. If you know your budget and style you’re after, this will also make narrowing down potential caterers quite a bit quicker and ensure a memorable experience for your guests.

Food tasting: Once you have determined a shortlist of wedding caterers, arrange food tastings. A tasting also gives you the opportunity to more fully discern whether the quality, style, spice levels and presentation of their food meet your expectations. Additionally, prior to finalising a deal, discuss how your own ideas and themes, kids’ options or dietary requirements can be worked into their existing menus.

Ask for references: Do not be afraid to ask friends, family members and co-workers who have used caterers before for referrals. They can share their experiences of working with their caterer, as well as first-hand knowledge of how the food and service turned out at their events.

Getting overwhelmed by dietary requirements: Dealing with everyone’s dietary requirements can make your head spin – whether they’re unable to eat dairy or gluten, or suffer from a particular allergy. There are ways of managing your guests’ intolerances while still sticking to the dishes that you want on the day. You know your guests, so may already know or can ask them beforehand, perhaps through a question on the RSVP card.

Ability to handle specific events and venue familiarity: Many caterers handle a wide variety of events. Some companies handle specific events better than others. Some would thrive in small and intimate celebrations, and others work better for large, corporate gatherings. So, it is a great idea to ask the caterer about the types of events they’re more comfortable with to find the right one for your own occasion.

Cake: The catering package mostly includes dessert. As we all know, a wedding is not complete without the cake. Ask your cake supplier about different flavours they are able to provide for their recommendation to try and complement your menu at the wedding. We suggest a light cake to end meals along with the dessert or a tea/coffee.

Book: Caterers are often booked many months; or even years in advance, so locking in a caterer for your date and time should be a high priority.

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