Confirmed: Tumbbad 2 in the works

As has been a trend in recent years in Bollywood that whenever a film does well at the box-office, the first thing its makers think of is a sequel. Actor-producer Sohum Shah is no exception. Shah, who is presently basking in the success of his recent release Tumbbad (2018), a fantasy horror drama set against a period setting, is developing a sequel to the film.

Reportedly, a team at Sohum Shah’s production house has already started working on the second instalment of the series. The actor-producer is currently looking for writers who can develop his idea further.

“I always knew I would take this idea forward even when I was working on the original. After the release, we have got multiple requests of a sequel. I have already started developing the idea and am scouting for writers to pen the script. It will be a different story this time but the connection to the place Tumbbad will remain. Some of the characters, including that Hastar, will be retained. Even I will return in some way though we are yet to zero down as how,” says Sohum who won rave reviews for his performance as Vinayak in the flick.

Not many people know but when director Rahi Anil Barve had first set out to make Tumbbad, he found it tough to convince investors who were sceptical about backing such an ambitious film. Moreover, it was a songless movie which deterred them further. “However, I found the concept new and exciting and was game for the challenge. The idea is so rooted in our culture it seems like one of the stories our grandmothers would narrate to us when we were kids,” Shah says.

Apart from working on a sequel to Tumbbad, Sohum Shah is also planning a slice-of-life film. It will be interesting to see which project mounts the shooting floor first.