Bob Blackman

Charity Bike Riders were honoured at the BEFFTA Awards awarding ceremony held at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminister, on 27 November.

BEFFTA Awards celebrates the achievements of black and ethnic personalities, and this year’s event was hosted by Blue-Sky network founder Nic Careem and Dimps Sanghani, Mrs England Universe.

The event was attended by Bob Blackman MP of Harrow East and Sir John Anthony Bird, Baron Bird, MBE, a British social entrepreneur.

In his speech, Blackman praised the Asian community’s contribution to the development of British society and economy.

Councillor Chetna Halai, a life coach and speaker, praised the Charity Bikers Family for helping her see India in a different light. “To see India on a bike is breathtaking, you are really taking in the culture the atmosphere, the environment; you are really taking in the people, the poverty, the abundance and the prosperity.

She continued: “It was good to see the charity and how they work… in fact, I was in tears when I got to see and meet the people who will be benefiting from the funds.”

The Charity Bike Riders Family just completed the Gujarat Charity Bike Ride 2, raising £70,000. They also collected £110,000 in Kenya Charity Bike ride.

During their first charity bike ride in 2017, they earned £170,000 and the group is now getting ready to ride From Delhi to Amritsar in India in February 2020.