Television star Ben Fogle has threatened to sue the BBC after radio presenter Nihal Arthanayake called Fogle a “wrong ‘un” live on air over a discussion about dangerous dogs.

BBC Radio Five Live host Arthanayake told his listeners that Fogle harbors a grudge against Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Arthanayake alleged that Fogle had once warned his own child against the breed of dog in front of the radio host’s family on a day out in London.

“There is a very well-known TV presenter who was once quite rude about my staffie, in public,” he said.

He continued: “My wife is in Queen’s Park, right? And she’s with our kids, and our staffie. And this fella, has his kid, and goes up to his kid, and says: ‘Don’t go near that dog. They’re nasty dogs. Or, they’re dangerous dogs.’ My wife is there, with our kids, and with the dog. And he says it so loudly that she can hear him saying it. And from that day on I’ve just been like “nah, that guy is a wrong’un’”

“I’m not going to tell you it was Ben Fogle.”

Fogle, a dog lover, took to Twitter to respond, writing: “I have just been sent a recording from @TherealNihal show on @bbc5live earlier in which a caller made an untrue and libelous accusation about a fictional encounter.

“I have never even visited Queens Park. I will be seeking legal action. I LOVE all dogs especially Staffies #woof'”

He added: “You will be hearing from my lawyers. You can send any compensation to Staffie rescue centres.”

Arthanayake immediately replied saying his wife swears it was Fogle and that the incident happened nine years ago. “She was incensed at the time as she was with our two very small children. Why would she lie about it being you?”