Actor Ankit Bathla, who is in Indonesia today on his birthday, says that this is like a dream come true. As he is away from home, Ankit will be celebrating his birthday with his fans in Indonesia. “This year is the year when I am hopefully living one of my dreams. I am celebrating my birthday with my fans in Indonesia,” says Ankit.

Talking about his fans in Indonesia, Ankit says that he has got so much love from them, that it’s overwhelming. “I have extremely blessed that people love what I do and quite honestly sometimes I don’t have words to express the tremendous love that I have got from this country,” he says.

The actor shares his birthday with veteran actress Rekha. “Well, she is a legend and I am a big fan, hopefully, someday we can cut a birthday cake together while working. Inshallah,” he says.

Ask him what he does every year for his birthday, and he says, “Nothing major. It’s pretty basic, I wear new clothes, go to the temple, donate something. Today, I’ll be going to the orphanage in Indonesia and will then pamper myself at the spa. More than 300 fans are coming to Antv where I am shooting. So I am super excited and nervous too.”

He has some great memories of his birthday. “As a kid, I used to tell mom to buy me a bigger gift and I would invite a few friends to my place. But then many would come. I don’t remember a party where we had less than 30 friends,” says Ankit.

He has big plans for the future. “I would want to probably settle down. Let’s see how everything pans out,” he says.

Ankit is yet to decide what to gift himself this birthday. “I haven’t thought of this yet, maybe after knowing what else I get, I can decide what I want to buy,” he says.