8 Important Things to Follow for an Unforgettable Valentine Date

It’s that time of the year when you are thinking about a proper date that leaves you with unflinching love and immeasurable romance. Well, love surely doesn’t come with a particular rule book but there are certain norms and guidelines that you can follow to keep this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one. From the right way of communication to the selected words expressing love – there are many things that you must check and cross-check to mark this day with lovely memories.

  1. Book a table for two well in advance

There is always a rush in the best restaurants in town during Valentine’s Day. That’s why you must book your table well in advance so that you don’t need to face any last-minute adjustment. This date must not go wrong at any cost and that’s why you must extra cautious.

  1. Comfortable Dress

It is a special day and you must look good and comfortable. So, if you still have not started to shop for this special date, then, go out now. Buy a dress that looks good on you and not something that you want. Also, while walking, sitting, or dancing, you must be comfortable in that dress otherwise you may land up in embarrassment. You can check date dress collection at Myntra or other websites and find something suitable for you.

  1. Your appearance should not be Over the Top

Your attire speaks a lot about your overall personality. You must be comfortable in your dress as said above but again you must notice the cool yet romantic tone of this occasion. Don’t go over the top while going on a valentine’s date. The whole get-up right from your dress to shoes, makeup to purse– should be apt and not loud.

  1. Gifts & Flowers

While you are going to pick him/her up or in case you are meeting straight at the venue, you must not forget to greet your Valentine with flowers and gifts. A fresh bouquet of red roses along with a nicely packed gift box will set a romantic mood. You can check the impressive Valentine’s Gifts Collection from Ferns N Petals and settle for your Valentine’s Day special presents.

  1. Smooth Lips sans Bad Breath

On the other end of a proper valentine date lies a memorable kiss. For that, you must have smooth lips and of course a fresh breath. Remember that if you mess up this stage, there may not be any positive movement of this story. Carry mouth freshener so that you can freshen up right after your dinner. For smooth lips, use coconut oil daily for at least 10 days before 14th February.

  1. No Body Odour, Please


You must not smell bad at all. A good smell always sets the right kind of mood and that’s why take a good shower using a fragrant shower gel and after you dress up use good brands of perfumes. A great fragrance will always make your partner comfortable around you. Also, while choosing your perfume you must know what his /her favorite fragrance is. If you are clueless about perfumes, then, you can check the perfumes collection at Nykaa.

  1. Soft Music, Fragrant Candles, & Champagne

In case you have planned something indoor then you must not forget to decorate your room with fragrant candles and fill the air with soft romantic music. The music can be something of your partner’s choice or something that you both like. The fragrant candles will create a cozy vibe. Pour some nice champagne while enjoying a nice evening.

  1. Be Yourself

This is the most important tip that you must remember while going on a valentine’s date. Don’t try to impress the other person unnecessarily because after a certain point your acting might be caught. If you know less or nothing about his/her job or interests then politely say that and learn something new. Being yourself will save you from further mortifications.