Women’s Day celebration with Indian television stars

As the world celebrates Women’s Day today, Indian Television actors and actresses share their thoughts and wishes on the same.

Dheeraj Dhoopar:

“An ideal woman, according to me, is the one who believes in herself and believes in living her dreams and fulfilling her aspirations. Women in our nation let go of their dreams or don’t get to live them due to various responsibilities they have on their shoulders. But the woman who fulfills all her responsibilities and lives her dream despite all obstacles are the real heroes. The woman who inspires me the most is Ekta Kapoor. Her business acumen coupled with her eye for talent is rare. Her rise to becoming a TV Czarina all by herself is truly commendable, and her story is an inspiration to many. I believe in equality and I celebrate the existence of women in my life every day. We should grab every moment and opportunity to appreciate the women in our lives because they deserved unconditional love and respect.”

Manasi Salvi:

 “An ideal woman is not the one who tries to fit herself into the symbolic mold which has been created by the society, but the one that breaks through the mold thus paving a new path for many others like her. I inspire myself; my struggle inspires me; my failures inspire me; my mistakes strengthen me. Every little success inspires me to keep walking the path, embracing all the hurdles and cutting through the stereotypical image of a woman. As a woman, I celebrate my life; a celebration of womanhood as we rise in our lives not to belittle men, but to discover our worth, our purpose in life and gently make our mark, thus feeling special each day.”

Karan Jotwani:

 “A woman’s spirit is stronger than absinthe. It’s full of courage, determination fueled with energy and the zest for life. My mother is my biggest inspiration. Her sheer hard work and never give in spirit, even at this age, stuns me. I respect and love all the women around me in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every woman who has contributed in making me the man I am today.”

Akshay Mhatre:

 “I believe a woman’s zeal to always outshine her own self signifies the spirit of women in our society today. All the women in my life have encouraged me to be where I am today and have helped me to chase my dreams. Moreover, we don’t need a specific day to celebrate women but on this special occasion, I want to thank and encourage every woman to celebrate the best version of herself each day.”

Sheen Dass: 

“As women, we must celebrate and embrace the spirit of womanhood each day. This Women’s Day, I want to urge other women to believe in their selves, and chase and fulfill their dreams and aspirations without fear. Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day!”