• Friday, June 18, 2021
India corona update 
Total Fatalities 383,490
Total Cases 29,762,793
Today's Fatalities 1,587
Today's Cases 62,480
India corona update 
Total Fatalities 383,490
Total Cases 29,762,793
Today's Fatalities 1,587
Today's Cases 62,480


Top tips for working from home like a boss

SET THE MOOD: Getting dressed for the office, avoiding social media and staying disciplined will help productivity

By: ManjuChandran



WITH global Covid-19 keeping us indoors and the uncertainty of the future, working from home is going to become a major part of our lives.

Even when the pandemic does finally end, companies are already preparing to get more people to work away from the office, so finding a way to be super productive at home will become more important than ever.

Eastern Eye decided to get you prepared with top tips to make maximum use of working at your place of residence.

Workspace: Create a designated work area at home, which is free from clutter and has everything connected to your work available in an organised manner, including the computer hard drive. It has been scientifically proven that sitting by a window is less suffocating, reduces stress and helps control blood pressure, which will all increase productivity. When you step into that area treat it like an office, so stay away from any distractions.

Seating: It may seem like a good idea to sit on a relaxing sofa to do work, but that can cause long-term muscle and bone damage. Work in an ergonomic environment on a proper chair and desk, so you get maximum body output without the aches.


Starting: With so many distractions at home, including a comfortable bed, one of the biggest challenges is getting started and into a work mindset. Get ready as you would for an office, which includes showering, brushing your teeth, changing out of pyjamas and putting on makeup, if that helps. This will be a signal to the brain it is work time and be part of a routine that helps guide you into a work chair.

Schedule: Discipline is important when working from home and one way to get this is having set hours. Start work at a certain time and have breaks as you would in an office environment. Create a daily to-do list of tasks in order of importance that need to get done and cross them off as they are completed. Make full use of breaks and try finishing work on time.

Tools: The right tools will get the greatest results when working from home, including having good software and the right stationary. Ask your employer or if you are self-employed, see what you can afford and get it.


Ground rules: Working without disturbances will always get results. So, set ground rules, including with those living in the same space that you shouldn’t be disturbed unless there is an emergency.

Disconnect: Switching off from social media, WhatsApp and if you don’t need it for work, WiFi, will buy more time and keep focus on key tasks. You can also disconnect from TV news, which can be stressful at the moment with so many negative Covid-19 related stories. Try distancing yourself from the comfortable couch, TV, long gossip sessions and other things that get you distracted.

Food: Plan meals before time, so you can make sure of a healthy balanced diet, which is important for optimum performance and doesn’t waste too much time deciding what to eat. Drink lots of water as it will help the mind and increase productivity. Try not to get distracted with comfort foods at home and have healthy snacks on hand.

Health: Apart from a balanced diet, staying mentally and physically fit is key to maximum productivity at home. Whether it is going for a walk or doing an indoor exercise like yoga, stay active and keep the muscles moving, including stretching regularly. Keep the mind mentally stimulated with activities away from work like puzzles, reading books or getting creative like painting, which will all feed right back into working better.

Sick days: If you are at home, it doesn’t mean you have to work through pain. When unwell, make use of sick days and recover properly, which will benefit you in the long run.

Connection: Working from home and getting disconnected from others can be disheartening, which can affect productivity. So, make time to keep connected to work colleagues and friends through Zoom, and phone calls during breaks. You can help and motivate one another.

Unblock: Everyone will hit a brick wall at some point. Instead of wasting time trying to force your way through, step away from work and go for a socially distanced walk. Fresh air and natural light have been scientifically proven to help kickstart the brain.

Time: One of the biggest secrets to productivity is to time manage properly. This will enable more work to get done and more time for self-care, which will help efficiency. A good start to free up more time to get work done is to step away from social media for longer.

Positivity: Keeping a positive mindset is not only good for mental health, but it will also enable you to get more done. Think about the positives like not having to go on that commute, added time to improve your skills and being your own boss. Your positivity will also help work colleagues. Be kind to yourself on bad days and know there is always another opportunity to turn things around. There are plenty of great affirmations that can help.

Sleep: Whether you are in the office, working outdoors or in front of a computer at home, good sleep is essential for productivity. Avoid staying up late because you don’t need to be at the office and try getting seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, so the body and mind can recharge.

Apps: There are plenty of apps available that help to manage time and increase productivity, including ones that tell you when your optimum work rate is. They will help make the day more constructive and enable you to learn about yourself.

Finishing: Have an end of work routine, which includes switching off and doing something that makes you happy or is relaxing like yoga. Rewarding yourself will give you something to look forward to and help get through a hard day’s work.

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