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Tinaa Dattaa to have a working birthday this year

Actor Tinaa Dattaa will have a working birthday today as she is shooting as the lead in Ekta Kapoor’s new show Daayan. However, the actor isn’t complaining and says that she loves to work on her birthday.

“I don’t intend to celebrate it as I would be working so it will be a working birthday for me. I love a working birthday. On my birthday, generally, I go to a temple and worship God and offer some sweets,” she says.

Birthdays really make Tinaa nostalgic. “My childhood birthdays were so special. I would distribute toffies to my school friends, cut a birthday cake with them and celebrate at home, where my mother used to cook food for us,” she recalls.

Work is what she has gifted herself this year. “I think I have already received the best gift as the lead in the serial Daayan. I don’t think that you can’t expect any better gift than this,” she says adding, “ But I think I want to gift myself an expensive Porsche car!”

Age is just a number for Tinaa. “I believe that age doesn’t matter. All that matters is how old are you from your heart. I still feel like sixteen. My mother also tells me that I still behave like a child as I still like Hello Kitty stuff. It’s important to be young at heart,” she signs off.