Tata Steel joins ResponsibleSteel to further strengthen its sustainability efforts

TATA STEEL has joined global steel-making standards organisation ResponsibleSteel as part of its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as creating jobs and protecting communities.

The company in a statement said that all its operations in 26 countries have signed up for the global scheme for sustainability.

“We have always emphasised our commitment to sustainable business practices and responsible supply chains. We view sustainability as integral to our business and our policies demonstrate our commitment towards sustainable development and guide us in formulating and implementing our long-term sustainability strategy,” said T V Narendran, CEO and MD, Tata Steel.

“The membership of ResponsibleSteel will provide an ideal platform to build on these credentials of Tata Steel and enable a responsible ecosystem for the steel industry.”

ResponsibleSteel is a not-for-profit organisation with members from every stage of the steel supply chain. It has developed an independent certification standard and programme which aims to align with a globally recognised framework used by credible sustainability standards known as the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

Tata Steel Europe CEO, Henrik Adam, said: “This membership gives our customers even greater confidence that they are buying their products from a company which is committed to responsible business practices. That is important because it is increasingly what consumers are quite rightly expecting of them.

“ResponsibleSteel also provides us with a framework through which we will achieve our mission to build the leading European steel business that is sustainable in every sense.”

“ResponsibleSteel represents members from every stage of the steel supply chain. Businesses from multinational mining organisations, global steel producers, processers and end users, as well as civil society, are working with us to find solutions to producing steel in a responsible way,” said Ali Lucas, executive director, ResponsibleSteel.

“Working with Tata Steel will help us significantly accelerate our vision towards a world where only responsible low CO2 steel is produced.”