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Super fan of the week – Shahid Kapoor

EASY-GOING: Shahid Kapoor
EASY-GOING: Shahid Kapoor

POPULAR Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor has a sparkling collection of super fans all over the world, who light up whenever his name is mentioned.

One of his unstoppable admirers is Khadija from South Africa, who is also the admin of a popular fan club dedicated to him.

Eastern Eye caught up with Khadija to find out more.

What connected you to Shahid?
I saw a promotional poster of Ishq Vishk in a South African Bollywood magazine and instantly knew there was something special about Shahid.

What made you his super fan?
I was hooked by Shahid’s gorgeous looks, superb dancing and acting skills in Ishq Vishk. After watching more of his films and interviews, I learnt more about the person he is. His dedication to acting, dancing and being real is what made me admire him. Then I joined Twitter in 2010, and learnt more about him. My love for him grew even more, every single day.

Tell us about something super you have done for Shahid?
I have dedicated the last five/six years to be the admin of a fan club, Shahid Kapoor Online, across three social media platforms. Be it updating fans the minute I wake up, or participating in trends from under the desk at work, I’ve done it all.

What has been your most memorable moment?
Definitely, when he wished me on my birthday in 2017, with a heart emoji, might I add.

What is the thing you most love about Shahid?
Despite success, he continues to be humble and easy-going.

Which quality in Shahid do you most relate to?
His work ethic. He gives his 100 per cent and then some more.

What is your favourite work Shahid has done?
Jab We Met will always remain a favourite. I remember driving my parents crazy by watching it every evening. I was also blown away by his portrayal of Haider Meer in Haider. So both.

Why do you love being Shahid’s super fan?
Shahid is like a magnet. There is no better feeling for a fan than being connected to their favourite; to be able to know what’s his next project, his next magazine shoot, etc. Becoming a super fan allows you to be involved in all of that. Also, joining this large community, called Shanatics, has truly been a blessing.

Twitter: @Khadija_ag