Shah Rukh Khan: My wife is a Hindu, I am a Muslim and my kids are Hindustan

Instagram: Shah Rukh Khan
Instagram: Shah Rukh Khan

From the past few months thanks to CAA and NRC, there are a lot of talks going on about secular India. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan came on a dance reality show and spoke about national integration.

He stated, “In our country, we speak of Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, and Christians. But the best part is our young generation not just speaks of it, but also believes in the fact that nothing can take away this harmony from us, till the time we have people like all of you, and myself, as I consider myself also young (laughs). All of us, including me and Remo (D’Souza), have a personal inclination, where we never spoke of being a Hindu or a Muslim.”

“My wife (Gauri) is a Hindu, I am a Muslim and my kids are Hindustan (India). It’s a genuine fact. Once, when my daughter (Suhana) was small, she had to fill the religion column in a form. She came to me and asked which religion we belong to, and I told her we are Indian. There’s no one religion, and there shouldn’t be,” the actor added.

The video of the same has been doing the rounds of social media and SRK’s fans have been posting it.

The actor also spoke about how Khans should not be called as the biggest superstars of India. He said, “I would like to share another personal thing. We see in our newspapers that India’s three biggest superstars are Khans. I believe even that difference shouldn’t be there. We are all Indians, be it Khans or Kumars or Kapoors. We shouldn’t feel even that.”

Talking about the actor’s films, he was last seen on the big screen in Zero. While there are several reports about his next project, there’s no official announcement about it.