Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

London mayor Sadiq Khan has once again targeted Donald Trump, calling the US president the “poster boy for the far-right around the world.”

At a fringe event at the Labour Party’s annual conference in Brighton on Sunday (22), Khan was asked why he thought Trump tweets about his often.

In response, Khan joked: “I have got no idea why Donald Trump tweets about the Muslim mayor of London.”

He added: “The serious point is this. Do we stand up for our values, and do we, you know, take an argument against somebody who in what he says and what he does are the opposite of our values?

“Or do keep quiet? And the thing about America is we do have a special relationship with America.

“They are our closest allies and of course that means at times of adversity we stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

“But Donald Trump is the poster boy for the far-right around the world.”

Trump has often shared his disapproval of the London mayor on social media, and recently called Khan “the incompetent Mayor of London.”

Calling out Trump for retweeting tweets from known racists and attempting to ban Muslims from going to the US, Khan added: “But around the world, he is revered by the likes of Salvini in Italy, Orban in Hungary, Duda in Poland, Le Pen in France, Farage in the UK, Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

“And we have got a choice, do we empower and allow him to propagate this message of hatred or do we stand up for our values?”

The war of words between Trump and Khan has been going on ever since the London mayor criticised Trump’s travel ban on people from certain Muslim countries.

Earlier this year, Trump said London needed a new mayor as “Khan is a disaster.” He also called Khan a “stone cold loser” and a “national disgrace who is destroying the city of London.”

On a trip to London in July last year, Trump accused Khan of doing “a very bad job on terrorism,” linking immigration to a deadly wave of crime in London.