Rana and Lucky battle it out in the &TV show Badho Bahu!

One of the most popular shows on &TV, Hum Tum Telefilms’ Badho Bahu keeps introducing several twists and turns to entertain the audience. Now, the daily soap will show a duel between its two male leads. The much-awaited sequence has finally been shot and promises to be as gripping as it can get. The actors, Arhaan Khan and Prince Narula, who are competing against each other, loved shooting the sequence.

Talking about the preparation, Arhaan says, “It is very difficult to shoot a Ddangal (Hindi term for the duel) sequence because every move in it is very difficult and needs to be completely accurate. For this, you need to practise for a long time. We practised a lot in the mornings and would eat properly. After all, we had to look like wrestlers, who were from Haryana. So for that, we had to put on a lot of weight,” says Arhaan, who also ended up getting hurt during the shoot.

“I got a ligament tear and it’s very painful. The sequence meant a lot to the show and now the rivalry will start between two brothers, so it’s the biggest turning point of the show. You will enjoy watching it,” he adds.

Prince, too, agrees that the sequence will change a lot in the show. “In the show, my brother has challenged me to wrestle, so as a wrestler’s duty I have to accept. It is very difficult, but I am a wrestler and I believe in myself, so I use all the techniques that I know and which are taught to Lucky by his Babuji. We practice every day. Many things will change now. This Dangal sequence is a route for the changes in Badho Bahu. Both the families will separate after this big match,” he says.

Producer Dipti Kalwani is eagerly waiting to see how people react to the sequence. “The sequence is a rematch of ‘Haryana Iron Man’. Last year Lucky had won it. Now thanks to Pinky and Kamla’s wrong guidance, Rana has gone and challenged Lucky for the dangal. Rana wants to win the Iron Man Match for his wife and mother. We rehearsed with both the actors. Unfortunately, Rana (Arhaan Khan) suffered a minor knee injury. I am sure the audience would love the sequence,” she says.