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Questions To Ask About Hemp

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Before starting to put up a hemp business, it is important that you know a lot more about it. There are some farmers who quickly decide about cultivating hemp and not thinking about what it is for them hence ending up to disappointments and complete devastation as they made the wrong decision about it.

Just so you know, putting up a California dispensary, more so a hemp plantation is not cheap, hence there is absolutely no room for error or else, all your hard work and hard earned money will all be gone.

If you want to make sure you are making the right decision, it is highly recommended that you ask the right questions. Asking not just to yourself but to https://greenhealthdocs.com/missouri-medical-marijuana-card/ suppliers of ingredients and materials you need is a must before pursuing the hemp industry.

To help you get started, below are a few questions you can start with.

Questions To Ask Before Pursuing Industry Of Hemp

  • What are the possible uses of hemp (in case you are planning to plant hemp, and not only selling marijuana)?

Before you even get started thinking about hemp, it is best if you know its possible uses first. Fiber from stalks could be used in producing construction materials, twine, rope, textiles, and paper. Grains from the industrial hemp on the other hand could be used for cosmetics, fuel, plastics and food products.

There are so many uses of hemp, and as someone who is planning to cultivate them, it is important that you know the uses of hemp.

  • How easy is it to grow hemp

Growing hemp is not the hardest. It is actually quite easy provided that you cultivate it in the right environment. Hemp is fast growing, high yielding and resilient kind of crop. It is actually easier compared to other crops you know.

But just like to other crops and plants, it may be infested by different diseases and insects. This being the case, you have to make sure that they are protected from the possible infestations.

The number of days before it can be harvested depends on many factors, like the environment, and the weather. Make sure that the plant is getting enough light, water and fertilizers when needed.

  • What are the types of marketing I can use

This is way different from the usual items or products you see being sold online. There are some limitations on selling hemp, especially online. You have to make sure that you know the boundaries of marketing it, do not be too easy and vulgar selling it online or else, you might get in to a possible trouble.

Needless to say, word of mouth is one of the most used ways of marketing for hemp farmers and sellers. Letting their customers speak on their behalf is not only free but also trusted and efficient. To make sure that you will get good remarks from your customers, always provide high quality hemp products and good service.

You can also create an e-commerce website, this way you can sell hemp to customers online.

  • When should I apply for a license

Securing a license is a must before starting cultivating and selling hemp. Those who want to grow hemp only need to secure a country registration in order to grow and plant industrial hemp. Application of licenses for both growers and breeders can be seen on the website of the CDFA Industrial Hemp program. There is a $900 fee for the license, and it is valid for one complete year.

On the other hand, selling CBD products in California does not require any special license but infusing beverages and food with CBD is unfortunately illegal in the city.

It was on January 1, 2017 when the law was signed, and started the legality of production and selling of industrial hemp.

  • Can I also sell hemp that I did not produce

You can definitely do that, you can produce your home grown hemp and at the same time, you can buy from third party sellers and sell it in a dispensary. There are some dispensaries in California, and not all of them are cultivating their own hemp.

The more questions to ask, the closer you can get from opening a hemp dispensary successfully. You may also need to make sure that everything is set before you claim that your hemp business is about to start.

Some of the things you have to make sure are ready are:

  • Employees

Were you able to hire the right employees, from farmers to sellers to customer service support team and so on. You must not open until you have all the right people on board. There are instances when a shop will open without the right farmer hired, hence production is delayed same as with the sales. Although hiring farmers is not necessary all the time for dispensaries.

Make sure that all the best employees are already hired, trained and ready to work with you.

  • Location

Location is also critical when starting a hemp business. Some of the things to consider about the location are:

  • Where to cultivate hemp (in case if you are planning to sell a home-grown marijuana)

Make sure that you already know a place where to cultivate hemp, in case you are planning to do so. The location should be best to grow hemp, from the lighting to temperature to water source availability and so on. This must be set before deciding whether to pursue hemp business or not. Without proper location to cultivate, it will be very hard for a hemp business to succeed

  • The right location to put up a store

If you are planning to put up a physical shop, make sure that you are putting it up in a good location. California can be a bit of a busy city, and putting your shop in the busiest places especially places where tourists are coming is highly recommended. Not all countries allow hemp usage, hence tourists are likely to try hemp when they are in California, as the city is a bit lenient with its usage and availability.

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