Prime Original Video releases yet another behind-the-scene video from Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an action-packed thrill ride and a comprehensive reimagining of the iconic American hero’s first foray as a CIA operative. It tells the story of how Jack Ryan becomes an unexpected hero as he races to stop an extremist from unleashing an insidious assault on U.S. soil. James Greer (played by Wendell Pierce) is his savvy, dedicated and hard-nosed boss. He is a hot-head whose personal demons have wrecked his family life and derailed his career as a legendary CIA operative. Demoted to a desk job, Greer is eager to get back to the front lines in the war on Terror.

Commenting on the character, John Krasinski said, “One of my favourite characters on this show is James Greer. He is a salty, hardened veteran of the world of spy work and tradecraft.”

Carlton Cuse, co-showrunner of Jack Ryan, draws a contrast between the two characters and how they work together in tandem. “Jack Ryan’s character is used to succeeding with his brains. James Greer character knows how to handle himself in the field”, states Carlton Cuse. “He is also a badass,” adds Cuse.

He has stepped over the line once and has been reduced to a dead-ended position in the CIA. Through Jack Ryan, he sees an opportunity to get back on the field. Adding further, Graham Roland, co-showrunner for Jack Ryan said, “Everyone was very confident that Wendell was going to be a fantastic James Greer.”

James Greer sees a lot of himself in Jack. The budding friendship and the grudging respect between Ryan and Greer and their evolving relationship is something to look forward to in the show.  The series explores the genesis of the close relationship between Jack Ryan and James Greer that the movies adapted from the book showcased.

Watch a video that sheds light on this relationship:

Amazon Prime Original Jack Ryan will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 31st August, 2018.