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Parents at centre of LGBT row vow to continue protest despite injunctions

Protests outside a school in Birmingham (Pic credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Protests outside a school in Birmingham (Pic credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

PARENTS involved in the same-sex education row outside a school in Birmingham have vowed to continue protests despite an injunction preventing them from gathering directly outside the school.

The injunction also prevents parents and protesters from using social media to make offensive comments about staff in the context of equalities teaching.

Mother-of-two Rosina Afsar has called the injunction “disproportionate and unjust.” She has also accused the school of ignoring them.

“As parents we have been under a huge amount of emotional stress due to this behaviour and intolerance shown to use by both the school and council,” she said.

“Parents have been reduced to tears at the way they have been described and treated. All the school has to do is get off their high horse and talk to parents.

“Regardless of what the authorities have said it has not been mandatory to teach SRE. Even where it is taught there has to be a parental consultation first.”

Afsar said they will challenge the injunction in court, and “also judicially review all of the unjust and irresponsible behaviour by the school and the council.”

Shakeel Afsar, one of the prominent protesters, said in a video posted on Twitter over the weekend that there was “no basis” for the injunction.

“We have remained peaceful throughout,” he said and accused the Birmingham City Council of becoming “intolerant towards us” and of being “clearly Islamophobic towards us”.

Councillor John Cotton, Cabinet Member for social inclusion, community safety and equalities, has urged the parents and the school to come together for a proper dialogue.

“Birmingham City Council believes that schools should be safe places where children can learn freely without impediment,” he was quoted as saying. “That’s why we’ve sought the injunction and we’re pleased that the court has heard the case and granted the interim injunction in this case.

“What we’re now looking to do is ensure that there is proper dialogue between the parents and the school and we can bring this to a successful and early conclusion.”