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Old School RuneScape: A Handy Guide to Combat Pures

Builds to consider for PvP

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Combat Pures are builds for PvP, optimized by the player to get the best results in PvP situations. It often prioritized offensive skills over defensive ones, all the while maintaining a low combat level. It depends on the player, as there are now what’s called defense pures or builds that are primed to work well with particular weapons. Depending on the weapon to be used, it might cost many OSRS gold or almost none at all.

Here are some tried and tested Combat Pure builds.

One-Defense Pure

When talking about Combat Pures, this is the most common and generic type. It focuses on high offensive stats while keeping Defense at level 1. These are adept at hitting hard even at low combat levels. One-Defense Pures have a Combat Level range of 50-90.

Obsidian Pure

Also known as ‘Obby Mauler’ or ‘Mauler’, these pures focus on the use of the Tzhaar-Ket-Om, or the Obsidian Maul. The weapon requires 60 Strength to wield, allowing players to keep their Attack at 1. Players usually leave Defense at 1 as well, though some raise it to 60 for the use of Obsidian armor. Some further variations allow the use of the Magic Shortbow.

Granite Maul Pure

It has a similar build to the Obby Mauler, but with a higher Attack and slightly lower Strength (both at 50). Variations with high Defense exist but are usually left at 1. May also be called G Mauler or Mauler, sharing the latter with the Obby one.

Predator Pure

These have moderately low HP to maximize Strength and Ranged. The idea is to hit hard and fast to kill the opponent quickly. An example of a Predator Pure is one with Attack 40, Strength 99, Defense 1, Ranged 97, and Hitpoints at 63. This results in a 63 Combat Level. Of course, variations exist as well.

Defense Pure

Usually a vanity project for players, these focus mainly on Defense. Since they have low attacking power, it’s rather easy for other players to get away from them in PvP situations. There used to be a combo of the Dragonfire Shield’s Special Attack and stacking venom damage from the Serpentine Helm for damage. However, it has since been nerfed and they lack damage options again.

Black Pure

These have 10 Defense, allowing the use of Black Armor and Mask or Slayer Helmet. They can use various weapons to great effect, as well as have the defense of low-cost armor. Black Pures have a slight edge over One-Defense Pures due to their higher Defense. May use the Dragon Dagger in tandem with the Abyssal Whip to devastating effects to enemies. Despite pures being made for PvP, this build has use in PvE for players who love a challenge. Members might pass up this build for 13 Defense Pure builds. Has a low OSRS GP cost.

13 Defense Pure

A Black Pure that has more defense than usual. It’s because of the Defense XP gained from doing Nature Spirit, a quest prerequisite to unlocking the use of Fairy Rings. It sacrifices a bit of offense for more effective defensive equipment, such as the Adamant Gloves.

Initiate Pure

These pures make use of the Prayer and Defense bonuses of Initiate Armor. It requires level 20 Defense which is more than usual for pures. This lets them be more durable than the other pures, as well as having the benefits of Prayers. They may also make use of armor with Magic bonuses.

Clanning Pure

A build made specifically for multi-combat PvP battles between clans. They also max out combat-oriented skills (other than Defense) instead of limiting them to get a low Combat Level. Having more Prayer levels also makes them more resilient against Smite, allowing them to live longer in F2P wars.

Rune Pure

Another high Defense build, this time with 40 Defense. This allows them to wear Rune Armor, Fighter Torsos, and Rune Defenders. They can wear Dragonhide Bodies and Coils as well. 40 Defense also lets them complete Lunar Diplomacy, unlocking the use of the Vengeance spell. A popular build for F2P players.

Berserker Pure

Almost identical to Rune Pures, they have slightly higher Defense (at 45) for the use of a Berserker Helm or Fighter Hat. Both headgears give higher bonuses than Rune headgear, and the extra levels let them finish Recipe for Disaster. In turn, that allows them to get Barrows gloves, the best gloves in the game.

Void Pure

These use the bonuses gained from a full set of Void Knight Armor. The armor set gives them high hits with the Rune Crossbow or Dark Bow. Melee-oriented builds are infrequent, and Magic-oriented ones are near non-existent. You don’t have to buy OSRS gold for sale for this build, as it is very inexpensive.

Mage Pure

A One-Defense Pure specializing in Magic. Effective in low levels because of the fixed-damage nature of spells. They use Ancient Magicks or the Flames of Zamorak along with a Toxic Staff of the Dead.

Ranged Pure

Similar to the Mage Pure, it’s a One-Defense Pure with a focus on Ranged. May also level Attack or Strength for more combinations with other weapons such as the Granite Maul or Dragon Dagger.

Range Tank

A pure with high Ranged and Defense. This allows them to participate in high-level PvP and they may even make use of high-level Magic. Due to being a tank, they have low Attack and Strength levels.

Barrows Pure

A high Combat Level pure with high Defense (almost 70), to allow the use of Barrows equipment and 70 Prayer for the use of Piety. Most players would max out all offensive skills to maximize damage output.


Most of these builds are pretty low cost, not requiring players to buy OSRS gold at all. That also makes them F2P friendly, a great fact for free members who want to challenge PvP. At least Mage pures don’t have to worry about those who use a Twisted Bow. Nobody would bring such a precious item to the Wilds for PvP.

Enjoy OSRS and PvP!

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