New beginnings


NOT only is 2020 the start of a brand new year, it is the start of a new decade, which for many may bring in a sense of renewal after a year of chaos. Meanwhile, others may be excited in anticipation of what the year holds in store for them and some may be indifferent.

Whatever you feel about the year ahead, new beginnings are possible every single day and every single moment. You don’t have to wait for a new year to make changes; you can decide to ‘be better’ at any time, starting right now.

If you have goals, projects or ideas planned, of course, there may be obstacles along the way, but like anything that’s worth having, the challenges you overcome this year will make you resilient, stronger, and more embracing of what you are able to achieve.

And there is no reason why you cannot achieve your dreams. A positive open-minded approach to getting things done, using time wisely and working hard while celebrating small successes along the way should keep you moving in the right direction.

If you remember one mantra this year, perhaps, let it be, “if I start, but don’t follow through that’s okay, I can start again and again, and I will grow stronger until I have accomplished it.”

And of course, this time of year brings the pressure of New Year’s resolutions to be a ‘new you’. This is great, but let’s not forget the inner work that is needed to make these happen. If you, like many, struggle to stick to resolutions, that’s okay. You see the problem with resolutions is they often miss the most important ingredient that is key to making change happen – self-awareness.

But why is self-awareness important? Take a moment to ask yourself, what stops you from reaching your goals? More often than not, we are our own worst critics and prevent ourselves from moving forward. Our thoughts, habits and patterns are a part of us, where we feel safe and to change them can be scary, leave us open to vulnerability and a fear of failure. Self-awareness shines a light on these behaviours that do not serve our best interests. A deeper understanding and knowledge of ourselves is essential for effective change.

But self-awareness needs courage because you confront shadow parts of yourself, which can feel uncomfortable. And facing the truth of your character requires being honest with yourself; like is there too much fear, jealousy, impatience, a need to control or seeing the worst in situations. But these can be overcome and the beauty of self-awareness is that it isn’t about strict routines, but about being kinder, loving and more accepting of yourself. Once this starts happening, you have more choices and the potential to lift yourself and those around you. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year. &