Natural solutions for better sleep

Everyone has a restless night here and there, but if a person experiences disturbed sleep on a regular basis, it’s time to take action. Sleepless nights can leave you moody, impair your memory and adversely affect your ability to work. Chronically sleep-deprived people are more susceptible to illness and more prone to accidents and injuries. If you are suffering from disturbed sleep on a regular basis, there are natural solutions to help you gain a good night’s sleep. A CBD supplements may be helpful, as well as foods rich in melatonin and a bedroom environment free of distraction and conducive to sleep.

Here are a few tips for better sleep;


Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Maintaining a bedroom environment that’s conducive to relaxation is a simple way to encourage good sleeping habits. Keeping your bedroom free of clutter, excessively bright lights and electronic stimulation is the first step. Blackout curtains are helpful since our eyes and brains are hard-wired to associate light with “time to wake up”, so outside lights can disrupt our sleep.

Did you know that your body temperature begins to drop as it prepares itself for sleep? Keeping your room a cool temperature (between 60-67 degrees) can help aid the process of cooling your body.

Switch to snacks with natural melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone released by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle of the body. Ideally, the body should produce sufficient melatonin to enable a smooth transition from wakefulness to sleep. For many people suffering from disturbed sleep, their natural melatonin levels may not be sufficient. Instead of using a medication, try incorporating foods which are naturally rich in melatonin into your diet. Here are a few excellent sources of naturally occurring melatonin in foods:

  • Fruits and vegetables (tart cherries, corn, asparagus, tomatoes, pomegranate, olives, grapes, broccoli, cucumber)
  • Grains (rice, barley, rolled oats)
  • Nuts and Seeds (walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, mustard seeds, flaxseed)

Did you know that pistachio nuts are a melatonin powerhouse? Pistachios contain about 660 nanograms melatonin per gram of pistachio, more than most other foods.

Incorporate CBD into your evening routine

CBD, cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance extracted from cannabis that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of calm and well being. CBD doesn’t contain ingredients which make you feel ‘high’ or impaired. Studies have shown that CBD can ease anxiety and sleeplessness and enable the relaxation necessary to fall asleep quickly and easily. Incorporate a CBD supplement into your bedtime routine. CBD supplements are carefully measured and are easy to take.

  • Dr Watson CBD capsules contain a precise 20mg of CBD per cap and your recommended daily dose of vitamin B12.


A good night’s sleep is essential for your wellbeing. If you are suffering the occasional restless night, there are natural solutions to help your body relax and fall asleep quickly. If you are averse to using a medication, there are natural solutions to overcoming sleep disturbances, such as creating a calming bedroom environment, eating food that encourages melatonin production, and using a daily CBD supplement to bring relaxation. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed and ready to face your day.