Musical journey made of dreams



HE MAY come from a musical family, but it is hard work and superb singing ability that has elevated Armaan Malik to great heights at a young age. He started off singing as an eight-year-old and has since risen through the ranks to become an in-demand star delighting millions.

Today the versatile singer mixes up film songs in various languages with chart-topping solo releases that have delighted music fans globally. His most recent single release Tootey Khaab continues his dream musical run and impressive rise. The emotion-filled song, accompanied by an eye-catching music video has made a strong connect with music fans.
With more high profile projects on the way, the unstoppable star looks set to rise higher and was in good spirits when Eastern Eye caught up with him for an interview. Armaan gave heartfelt answers as he spoke about music, his whirlwind rise, new single and more.

How do you look back at your amazing whirlwind rise?
(Smiles) Honestly, I don’t believe in looking back (just as my Twitter bio states). I’ve always believed in looking forward to achieving my next goal and once I achieve that, then the chase continues for the goal after.

Did you expect the success to happen so quickly?
I have been professionally singing since the age of eight. So I don’t think my success happened quickly. It’s been a long journey of almost 15 years, which started with me being a child singer in ads and popular children’s films. People often overlook these years while talking about my career. They only see the career from Jai Ho (2014) until now. However, I am really blessed and grateful for the beautiful journey I have had so far and the success I have earned and continue to enjoy till date.

How have you coped with the demand and sky-high expectations that come with all the success?
From producers to listeners, everyone wants a song to be a super hit. These unrealistic expectations trouble an artist. The only way one can try to meet these expectations is to work harder than before. That’s what I do and will continue to do. It’s not possible to hit a bulls-eye with every track you release, but you can always give it your all every time you work on something new, in the hope it does hit the mark.

How much has a dedicated fan base helped you?
My fans are my backbone. The reason I can work on new music at ease is because they are so patient. They believe in me and what I put out. Apart from the music, my fans and I share a very candid relationship on social media and that’s what makes it so special to be on this journey.

What is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself during this remarkable rise?
I am much more patient now than I thought I was. Nothing worth having comes easy and sometimes the biggest destroyer of things can be impatience. I am glad this journey has taught me the art of being patient.

All of your songs must be special to you in some way, but which are closest to your heart?
My three favourite songs from my own discography that are the closest to my heart are, Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon, Tere Mere and Bol Do Na Zara.

Tell us about your newly released song?
My latest is a heartbreak song called Tootey Khaab. It’s a simple and beautiful composition by Kunaal & Rangon (Songster Muzic) and as soon as Kunaal Vermaa played this song six months ago, I knew this song had to be my next single.

What inspired the song?
Well, I recall rapper Honey Singh once saying in an interview that he writes songs about what’s currently happening among the youth around him and that’s why his songs were always popular among the youth. That’s exactly the first place from where the idea of this song took birth.

Who are you hoping connects with the song?
I wanted to do a song, which would resonate with the young generation. I was observing quite a few relationships around me, and many of them had hordes of these issues cropping up due to social media. Why did you like that boy/girl’s picture on Insta, why did you put up a picture with him/her, I am blocking you etc. I wanted to present a heartbreak song in the background of these social media and texting elements, which are really relevant in today’s times.

You are able to put a lot of emotion into slower and romantic songs, where does that come from?
I am a very real and emotional guy, and I cannot fake my feelings, which is why whenever I sing a track if I can’t do justice to it (I won’t do it). Whenever I sing a song, I give it my all – vocally and emotionally.

Do you get affected emotionally when singing songs like this?
Sometimes you do get affected. I remember singing this track called Alo Chhaya for a Bengali film called Criss Cross. I had to go into a very dark zone to deliver it and for two days after the dub, I felt really weird. But I guess it depends from song to song.

Can you tell if a song will be a hit while recording it?
Yes! Almost 90 per cent of the time I get a feeling of how big the song is going to be when it’ll release.

What is the master plan going forward?
(Laughs) You think I’m going to share that with anyone? It’s all top secret! I like giving my fans surprises.

Who would you love to work with next?
I would love to work with Pritam Chakraborty because we both love each other’s work, but unfortunately, haven’t been able to ever collaborate yet. So really waiting for that to happen!

Can you see yourself doing projects in the west?
All I can say to that is that there are a lot of surprises coming your way! Wait for it.

Can you see yourself making the move to acting?
I am not going to make a move to acting. If at all I do it, it will be another feather in my hat. Music is and will always be my first love. When it comes to acting, the right project matters. (If anything) I would like to do a music-based film in the near future.

Do you have ambitions away from music?
I’m a big foodie. I plan to venture into the hospitality business at some point in the future and open up a few restaurants and cafés.

If you could master something new, what would it be?
Dancing! I know you can be great at a certain art form, but never fully master any. Well, I wish to dance more and become great at it. I have a natural rhythm in me so now it’s all about getting deep into it and mastering the chops.

What music is dominating your own playlist right now?
I listen to a lot of international artists. My current favourite songs are, F*ck im lonely by Lauv and Anne Marie, Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran and Khalid, and How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith.

Why do you love to sing?
I sing so I can feel alive. Without music I am nothing. It gives meaning to my existence.

What is your message for your fans?
I love my fans so much! They are the best fans in the whole wide world. My music, your love for life!

Tootey Khaab by Armaan Malik is out now. Follow him on Twitter: @ArmaanMalik22 & Instagram: @ArmaanMalik