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Mrunal Jain: Being part of Share And Grow Spotlight was a wonderful experience

Stylish hunk Mrunal Jain was the latest guest on actor Himanshu Malhotra’s YouTube talk show Share And Grow Spotlight. The former says that he had an amazing experience and couldn’t stop raving about Himanshu’s show.

“The title itself says, ‘share and grow’. It was a very good experience. Himanshu has started a very good initiative because you get to know a person closely. The kind of questions I was asked were very one-on-one. The conversation was very real. It makes a person feel accepted as how he or she is in life. The audience gets to know about your journey. We get a chance to share it with the audience so that they can grow with us,” he says.

The actor has been getting a positive response to his episode. “The feedback has been good. People gave me the feedback that I express my personality well,” he says.

Both Mrunal and Himanshu have been friends for a while. “I know Himanshu from a very long time. We met around 4 to 5 years back. He is so positive and always has a smile on his face every time. He has a positive heart and always greets everyone with a positive attitude. I am very lucky to have him as my friend,” he says.

He adds, “The most special thing about him is that he has a big heart. He is a very genuine person and a truly genuine soul.”