Karan Tacker is geared up to go digital again. He will be seen as the host in a show. In a conversation with a leading Indian daily, Karan elaborated about the same. Karan said, “Today, the whole arc is shifting to digital and being on the biggest online platform means a lot. Working with an international crew is great. India is a booming market for smartphones and more people are using their phones to consume entertainment by the day, so digital is the future. People are exploring a variety of shows for the digital audience, as films and TV are set in their needs and demands. That’s why big players from international markets are investing heavily in original Indian content. Once you are part of a futuristic medium, you are already ahead of the curve and can push your career in that direction.”

For the past 4 years, Karan has not acted on the small screen. Commenting about the same, he said, “Yes. I miss acting, but with digital avenues opening up, you might see me acting soon. However, I haven’t heard something that I want to be a part of. I stay relevant by doing acting workshops. Being a host involves acting. Every show has a different target audience, and as a host, you have to give them with what appeals to them. For my online show, which caters to a younger audience, I had to work on my language and use words that they do. In my other shows, I try to be a bit formal. You have to keep the audience engaged while sticking to your lines. If people think hosting is easy, let me tell you: it is not.”

Talking about whether he bothers being stereotyped as a host and not as an actor, Karan stated, “Yes, there is a concern, but people in the industry understand the environment. They know why you are making certain decisions. Also, I know it is a strategic gamble, as you have to think about your career. You can’t be worried about what people will think. I am not oblivious to what people say, but I have to do what benefits me and my career. The entertainment industry has been welcoming of me. Fortunately, I don’t have any fears about my career prospects or my future.”