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Julie 2 postponed again; to now release on November 24th!

Featuring south Indian actress Raai Laxmi as the leading lady, Julie 2 has been postponed yet again. Initially, the movie was all set to release on 6th October, but soon it found itself in a legal soup, forcing makers to stall the release.

The makers then decided to release the film on 10th November, but things didn’t fall into place again and its release had to push one more time. After being postponed twice, the erotic thriller will now release on November 24.

Releasing Julie 2 has turned out to a difficult task for its presenter Pahlaj Nihalani and helmer Deepak Shivdasani. They had to shell out a compensatory amount due to a copyright case filed against the movie by producer N.R. Pachisia.

Talking about the settlement, Nihalani said, “What we gave him was even less than the lawyer’s fees. But what Pachisia has taken away is our faith in people from our own fraternity. Pachisia knows what producers have to go through when their films are stalled legally or otherwise at the last moment. He still went ahead and filed a bogus case against our film claiming Julie 2 infringed on the copyrights of the film Julie which Pachisia had produced in 2004. We kept shouting and vowing that Julie 2 had nothing to do with the film that he had produced,” added the former CBFC chief.

Directed by Deepak Shivdasani, Julie 2 is a sequel to Neha Dhupia’s 2004 film, Julie.