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Indian man in Dubai charged with sexually harassing British tourist

Teen who urged boyfriend to try and murder ex-girlfriend jailed
Teen who urged boyfriend to try and murder ex-girlfriend jailed

An Indian man in Dubai has been charged with sexually harassing a British tourist inside a lift at a residential tower.

The 24-year-old Indian worker was charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after the prosecutors accused him of exposing himself to the 35-year-old tourist and inappropriately touching her.

“Around 4.40 pm on the day of the incident, I was going to practise yoga at the gym on the 37th floor. An Asian man took the lift with me. It was just the two of us. He stood so close to me in a way to touch me. I was moving away but he would not step away from my left side. I could hear him moaning,” the victim was quoted as saying.

“He walked out at 34th floor and when I reached the 37th floor, I found his semen traces on my clothes,” she told the public prosecution investigator.

The victim reported him to the hotel security and the surveillance cameras were checked. The lift did not have any camera but the defendant was captured on camera right before he entered the lift after her, the report said.

A police corporal said they arrested the suspect the next day at the same tower.

“He admitted during interrogation that he stood very close to the woman in a way to touch her on purpose more than once,” the police said.

The woman’s clothes were seized. The defendant’s DNA traces were found on the tourist’s clothes, as shown in a report. A ruling will be pronounced on February 25, the report said.

The detained Indian worker has denied the charge in the court.