During his hour long interaction with the Indian diaspora the Indian minister explained the strategy and focus of the newly elected Indian government (Photo: @PiyushGoyal/ Twitter).

THE Indian government is looking for ideas from all sides to strengthen and to give confidence to international investors, with the best of technologies, to come to India and invest, India’s minister for commerce and industry Piyush Goyal said on Sunday (14).

Interacting with the Indian diaspora in London, the minister lauded the Indian community members for their contributions to the economies of India and the UK.

During his hour-long interaction with the Indian diaspora, the Indian minister explained the strategy and focus of the newly elected Indian government.

Speaking on trade with the UK and the US, the minister said that India will sit down across the table and find a common meeting ground with both countries.

There are obviously some red lines, which each side may find very difficult to compromise, but as long as we can respect that, as one would do in a business transaction or while negotiating a good deal, it will not be impossible to resolve it, Goyal added.

Every country has to protect its national interest, legal sovereignty and the interests of its citizens, he said.

Goyal informed that there is meeting with leaders of the government and bureaucracy, during his three-day visit to the UK, to understand in which direction and time frame the UK is looking at for the Brexit to happen.

India is also in discussions to take the next step for deeper engagement with the UK. It is important the process is fast-tracked now so that “we are ready to work together speedily once Brexit comes into effect”, said Goyal.