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Iftari memories

Celebrities share their favourite dishes ConneCted to the fast

Faakhir (singer/songwriter): My ultimate favourite Ramadan craving is the legendary samosa. No other food item can replace the yearning for this delightful delicacy. Whether it’s a meat mince one or those filled with potatoes, my fast isn’t complete without a treat of a samosa.

Humza Arshad (comedian/actor): My favourite food during Ramadan has to be everything, because as soon as Iftari comes, I get so hungry that I just appreciate food in general. I also love my mum’s fruit chaat (fruit salad) that she will make every iftari. Sweet yet a bit spicy, it is a dish that reminds me that it’s Ramadan.

Maz Bonafide (singer/songwriter): As a child, I remember I connected certain foods to Ramadan. These included dates, watermelons, samosas and pakoras. We wouldn’t normally have these foods too much during the rest of the year. However, during Ramadan, it was a ritual, like we had to have these foods on a daily basis during Iftari time. Even now years later, and despite having access to many different foods and dishes, we still enjoy having these foods to give us that Ramadan feeling.

TaZzZ (rapper/music producer): My favourite food during Ramadan – apart from my daily obsession with aloomuttar or any other sort of vegetable – has to be starter snacks such as samosas and pakoras. In my household it’s during Ramadan that they get cooked, so I definitely make the most of it.

Saima Ajram (radio host): While fasting, my cravings change according to the weather. In recent years whenever it’s been extra hot during fasting, I’ve longed for cold 7Up with ice and lemon. Once I remember drinking the whole bottle at Iftari and feeling sick afterwards. On other days, I crave fruit salads and chocolates like Snickers and Galaxy. I know it doesn’t sound healthy, but these foods are a top priority for me during Ramadan. Do re- member me in your prayers.

Annie Khalid (singer): My favourite food to eat during Ramadan is fruit chaat. There is no way I’m going to open my fast without it. And it has to be made by my mum; no one can make it better than her. Also, it has to have bananas, and lots of spicy juice. If you know, then you know.