I enjoy being clicked, says TV actress Smiriti Kalra

A big hue and cry has been made about selfie culture in India. While some call it narcissistic, others claim that it has become quite an obsession amongst the youth. However, as she observes No Selfie Day today, actor Smiriti Kalra disagrees with this.

“I enjoy being clicked. My objective of clicking selfies is saving on typing because a picture says a thousand words. I use it in my WhatsApp conversations with my friends. Rather than writing, ‘I am not feeling very bright’, I click a selfie making a sad face or puppy face and send. Another example is when I am very happy, I click a happy face with a thumbs up sign and send,” she says.

The actor adds, “In the story of Cinderella, Cinderella’s evil stepmother used to ask the mirror, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all’. And then the mirror used to reply, ‘You’. That is also a selfie, as you’re seeing yourself. The tradition of selfies has been going on since those days.”

Smiriti says that it is not a big deal if someone enjoys clicking themselves, and it should not be made into one. “If someone enjoys clicking selfies, so be it. The purpose of a camera is to capture moments. It’s just that now the camera is a frontal camera and here the subject happens to be you, so be it. But yes, everything which we do has to be done with precaution. While clicking a selfie, just be a little aware and careful of your surroundings and be alert. This is important so that you don’t land yourself in trouble. There are reports of people trying to click selfies on a mountain cliff and they fall off. It’s important to be present both physically and mentally while being clicked,” she says.