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Halloween 2019: Bollywood movies that you can binge-watch today

Instagram: Anushka Sharma
Instagram: Anushka Sharma

31st October is celebrated as the Halloween Day. There are many Halloween parties that take place where people dress up as ghosts and weird characters. Also, a lot of people try to be adventurous and visit haunted places on this day. However, there are a few people who like to sit back at home and enjoy horror movies.

So, we bring you the list of some of the best Bollywood horror movies that you can binge-watch today…


If you are a horror movie fan and you haven’t seen 1992 release Raat, then you are surely missing a very good horror film. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma and starring Revathy in the lead role, this movie has some genuinely scary scenes.


Ram Gopal Varma is clearly not in the best phase of his career right now. But well, he has directed some very good films earlier and one of them is Bhoot. Starring Urmila Matondkar in the lead role, this movie was so scary that you would think twice before buying a new house.


Well, it still gives us goosebumps when we talk about Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz. The way the ghost says ‘Sanjana’ in Bipasha Basu’s ears, it surely sends chills down our spine. Watching Raaz on Halloween Day would be just perfect.

Ragini MMS

From the past few years, Bollywood filmmakers are adding the erotica with horror, and one of the best erotic-horror films has to be Ragini MMS. Starring Rajkummar Rao and Kainaz Motivala, the movie had many scenes that made us uncomfortable and scared. By the way, it was based on a true incident.


Here we have one more RGV film on our list. We are talking about the 2008 release Phoonk. The film was a super hit at the box office and Ram Gopal Varma had challenged the audience that if someone watches the film alone sitting in a theatre he will give that person Rs 5 lakh. Forget sitting alone, even if you watch this film with a group of people, it will easily scare you.


Last year, we saw Anushka Sharma in a totally different avatar in Pari. While the film was titled as Pari (fairy), it was not at all a fairy tale, but a devil tale. The movie surely gave the horror genre a new twist.


2018 was a good year for the horror genre. While we saw Pari on the big screen, we were also in for a big surprise with Tumbbad. Visually it was a wonderful film, but it has some moments that would scare us in the daylight as well.