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Graceful Gaur goes for glory

VERSATILE: Harshita Gaur
VERSATILE: Harshita Gaur



ACTRESS Harshita Gaur kick-started her career with the Channel V (India) show Sadda Haq, which ran successfully from 2013-2016.

That impressive debut led to high-profile web-shows, including Sacred Games 2 and Puncch Beat. However, it was her character Dimpy Pandit in hit Amazon Prime drama series Mirzapur, which demonstrated her impressive acting range and gave her global attention.

The versatile actress is basking in the success of Mirzapur 2, which premiered towards the end of 2020 and like season one turned out to be an instant hit.

In a candid conversation, Harshita Gaur spoke to Eastern Eye about finding something good in a havoc-wreaking 2020, how the coronavirus pandemic changed her perspective about life, her expectations from 2021 and what separates her from other actors.

How has the year 2020 been for you?
2020 has been quite unforgettable for all of us, I am sure. For me, it has been actually a very good year, to be honest. I had a very nice constructive and productive time during lockdown. Then after Mirzapur 2 released, I shot for a couple of ads, so everything went well for me on the work front. I am extremely grateful for all the lessons that this year has taught us.

Did the coronavirus pandemic change your perspective on life?
My perspective on life had changed a few years ago. But the coronavirus pandemic just gave a lot more assurance about the fact that nothing is permanent; anything can happen any time. So, one needs to be happy in the present moment, and it is very important.

And did it make you appreciate more what you have, and learn not to take anything for granted?
Of course, it did make me appreciate things. Appreciate your life, appreciate what you have and be grateful for what you have.

What are your expectations from 2021?
As always, I want my next year to be exciting, to be filled with good work, a good family vacation and hope something new may be a part of my personality, if I can put it out in any character. I wish myself a lot of levelling and balance.

Your character Dimpy Pandit has received an extremely good response in both seasons of Mirzapur. Did you really expect this kind of response from audiences?
No, I did not expect this response at all. First of all, I had not expected that Mirzapur and Mirzapur 2 would become such a big rage, neither did I think that I would be so loved. But now after both the seasons are out, the kind of love that I got, the kind of love that Dimpy, my character in the series, is getting and the kind of work I am being approached for from Bollywood, makes me feel so overwhelmed.

As an actor, what separates you from others?
I strongly feel the ideology plays its role here. I know for sure that I will always give my best shot to bring the character alive and do justice as the script demands.

When was the moment you think that people perceived you as you really are?
I used to get disturbed when I was in college and when I had just started working because I used to constantly worry about people’s perceptions and how they were perceiving me. But now, I do not really care because, I am evolving every day and understanding myself better, and my perception about myself is stable, and I understand what kind of person I am. Also, I think I have been blessed as I have always received a lot of love from people and the industry that I am a part of.

What do you have to find in a project in order to greenlight it?
Now, I read the project or script first as an audience, and if the entire project is exciting for me, and if I love what it is trying to convey to the audience then I just go for it. You have had such success in the digital world.

How much do you like this space?
This market has really established me as an actor who is willing to really work hard and just put her soul out there in all the characters. Also, there is so much scope here to bring out your versatility, vulnerability and experiment yourself through the characters you portray.

Is there any philosophy or discipline you follow that you think has helped you succeed in your professional life?
Yes, I think I really believe in positive optimism and not positivity because one cannot be happy all the time. Supposedly, if I am sad today, it is only because of a bad day and it will get better tomorrow. So that is what I believe; that at the end of the day, everything is going to get better. I also believe that whatever energies you give out to the universe it gives it back to you. Adding to it, I follow the discipline of meditation, which helps me.

What else is in store for you?
I have shot for a couple of ads. My music video released recently and I am really happy with the kind of projects that are coming my way now. I have been reading scripts and hopefully, very soon I am going to give myself some good news as well.

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