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Ghost movie review: Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava shine in this average horror flick

Vikram Bhatt has directed many good horror films, so when we came to know that he is coming with one more horror film titled Ghost, it surely made us excited. Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t impress us a lot, but we thought maybe the movie will turn out to be good. However, that’s not the case here.

Ghost is about Karan Khanna (Shivam Bhaargava) a politician based in London. He is accused of murdering his wife. However, he says he is not a murderer and the murder is done by a ghost. Simran Singh (Sanaya Irani) decides to fight the case for Karan and soon love blossoms between them. Simran and Shivam start the investigation about the ghost and a lot of things are revealed.

The movie’s name is Ghost but there aren’t many scary scenes in the film and that disappoints. However, to look at a positive side, those few scenes scare us successfully, but it surely leaves us wanting for more. The climax has always been a strong point in Vikram Bhatt movies, but unfortunately, in Ghost, the climax is totally mediocre. While we feel that there will be more stuff happening and the protagonist will give a tough fight to the spirit, the movie just ends.

Talking about the actors, Sanaya Irani has given a fantastic performance and impresses us a lot. She is also looking gorgeous in the movie. Shivam Bhaargava is damn good and leaves a mark with his act. Vikram Bhatt has an extended cameo and we must say that he is quite good when it comes to acting. He is very natural in the film and we would surely love to see him as an actor in more movies.

Songs in the film are mostly romantic and they are soulful. You would surely love to listen to the jukebox of Ghost after coming out of the theatre.

Overall, Ghost clearly had the potential to be better, but as the film doesn’t offer many scary scenes, it just turns out to be an average big-screen outing.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Watch the trailer here…