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Asha Negi: Fitness, following passions, and finding fabulous roles

Why versatile actress Asha Negi is not afraid to take on new challenges

Asha Negi


Whether playing impactful roles in drama serials or winning a popular reality show, Asha Negi has made an impressive mark on Indian TV, ever since she made her acting debut in 2010.

More recently, she has focused her attention on film and winning appearances on the OTT platform, with web serials like smash hit show Abhay. The unstoppable Indian beauty has also become somewhat of a fitness icon with amazing workout videos she shares with more than 2.1 million Instagram followers. Now very much focused on taking on new challenges and testing her limits as an actress, she is looking forward to doing even better work.

Eastern Eye caught up with the versatile actress to discuss her journey so far, future hopes, nspirations, and fabulous fitness impact. In a free-flowing conversation, she also gave top exercise tips and how to remain motivated.

How do you reflect on your journey?

I think I’ve had my ups and downs. It’s been more than 10 years now of me living in Mumbai. And yeah, I mean, a lot of experiences, with many great moments, and low moments I’ve had on this journey. And yeah, I did not give up and will never give up no matter what,because it is never a piece of cake. And it’s my passion. The life that I’m living, and work I do is my passion. I enjoy

what I do, so, it’s been going great so far. What does acting mean to you today?

Acting means a lot different than what it did when I wanted to become an actor. Now, I want to learn more and do lots of new things related to my acting, with more nuanced work, I would say. There are so many more nuances I want to learn in my acting. It’s a lot more detailed now, I think. Acting for me now is wanting to get into detail and learn more of it.

Is finding strong satisfying roles the biggest challenge for you today?

Yes, I think finding work I want to do is the biggest challenge. Once I get something I want, then it’s an enjoyable ride. Then it’s just, you know, experience, learning, unlearning, and all that. But, yes, finding strong roles, and the kind of work I want to do is the biggest challenge
for me right now.

How much has the success of Abhay meant to you?

Genuinely, it’s been the same. I mean, nothing’s changed. And it’s been the same for me.

You seem very focused on new challenges. What can we expect next from
you workwise?

There is something on web that is coming soon. It’s still in on editing. That’s going to happen soon. Apart from that, let’s see. I want to do interesting work, and that’s what I’m looking for.

Can you see yourself working in the West in the future?

Of course, I can see myself working in the west and I really want to do that. I want to work everywhere. As I’ve said in my earlier interviews, I’ve done a lot of TV already, and want to do OTT and Bollywood films now. I also want to do Hollywood and work in south (India), so want to work with all kinds of people in my country and internationally, why not?

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Asha Negi during a fitness session

Do you have a dream role?

There is not one particular role, that is my dream role. Anything that challenges the actor inside me, I think has to be my dream role. Anything that gives me a hard time unlearning and then learning things will be my dream role. And it has always been like that.

What first connected you to fitness?

I’ve always worked out, but had a hard time maintaining it, and making it my lifestyle. I initially also used to work out, but the way that I do it now is a lot different. It’s all thanks to my new coach, Mr Rohit Nair – with him it’s become like a lifestyle. I’ve become really passionate about it now.

You have become a fitness role model with your amazing videos. What drives you to work so hard in the gym?

Yeah, I think when you reach a certain point and start seeing results of your hard work, is when you realise okay, you can do it and why stop now? I think now I’ve really started enjoying it also. And again, you know, it’s all thanks to my trainer. So, I think maybe because of that it’s happening.

Tell us about the kind of exercise regime you follow?

So, I do weight, functional, cardio and mobility exercises. Basically, my workouts are a combination of a lot of things.

What top fitness tip would you give?

I think just do something you enjoy, whether it is yoga, Pilates, walking, running, or working out in the gym – weights, functional, or whatever. So, whatever you enjoy doing, but do something. I think that is the fitness tip I would want to give.

How important is nutrition in fitness?

Nutrition is very important. Firstly, with your workout, I think they say it’s 30 per cent workout and 70 per cent diet. And nutrition is very important. You need to take care of what you’re eating. Personally, I love eating. I do eat a lot of junk also. But then I make sure it is a limited portion. And I’m eating a lot of nutritious food also. So yeah, that’s how it works, I think.

How do you motivate yourself?

As I said, you know, once you start seeing results, you start getting motivated. I think that’s what happened with me. And the days I don’t feel like getting out and going to the gym, I make sure I do go on that day. Once you work out and return home, that’s when you thank yourself for actually making that effort of going. And you must do that especially on days when you feel lazy and don’t feel like getting up and going for a workout.

If you could master something new, what would it be?

I want to learn a lot of things and will. First, I really need to learn swimming and driving – the two most basic, yet most important, activities. I really have no idea why I am still lacking on these two things. So, I really have to learn these two basics and most important things. That’s when I’ll think about learning anything else. But I want to learn a lot of things in this one life.

What is the master plan going forward?

I don’t think there’s a master plan, as such. It’s just about keeping myself motivated. I think not giving up is the key. I don’t want to give up. And basically, that’s what helps me in going forward. So, there is no plan. It’s going with the flow. I am a person who goes with the flow.

What inspires you?

Everything around me inspires me. When I see a film, a great performance, great direction, a great screenplay, a beautifully shot film. I mean art in general inspires me. When I see somebody dancing beautifully, that inspires me. Everything everywhere just inspires you in its own unique way. I think that’s how it works for me.

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