Fan Club Of The Week – Shraddha Arya

By Asjad Nazir.

TALENTED Shraddha Arya has shown off her remarkable range as an actress and in the process, got herself some dedicated fans around the world. Two of these admirers
have teamed-up to run a popular fan club dedicated to the star. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?
It was to show our love and appreciation for Shraddha after seeing her work in the show Tumhari Paakhi, in 2015. We followed her work for a year and were pretty invested in her,
both as a person and performer. When we realised there was no platform through which people can get regular updates about her work, we decided to create one.

Tell us about your fan club.
It’s basically the source to all updates regarding Shraddha. We also help her interact with fans by sending across any messages. She once said to us ‘don’t love me, love them
(her fans) for me’, So yeah, we try our best to appreciate everything her fans make for her and send them love on her behalf.

Tell us your memorable moment?
Probably when one of us met Shraddha in Mumbai. She was so sweet and incredibly warm. It was like meeting a friend.

What is the best thing you like about Shraddha Arya?
Professionally, it is incredible how she slips into the skin of each character she portrays. You no longer see her, you only see the character she plays and that’s a rare talent. As a person, it’s her humility and simplicity. She treats fans like they’re her friends, which is incredibly sweet. Also, she will go out of her way to do things for people and never
advertise it.

What is your favourite work Shraddha has done?
It has to be Paakhi from the show Tumhari Paakhi. It was an incredibly inspiring character, and she played it so beautifully. She’s done all her characters flawlessly, but Paakhi was something special because of her acting. Even four years later, we can gush about how beautiful her performance was.

Tell us an interesting fact about Shraddha Arya?
She’s a happy soul and everyone knows that. She gets upset when she sees someone being treated unfairly. For example, women are treated differently from men and that
makes her angry. She also gets annoyed when someone backs out of a promise they made.

What is your definition of a true fan?
Just someone who loves the celebrity without judging them. We tend to place actors on a pedestal and forget they are also people just like the rest of us. When that illusion breaks,
fans feel betrayed and angry. A celebrity doesn’t owe you perfection. Love them and give them the space to make mistakes. That’s how it should be.

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