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Expert Take on Mastering Online Solitaire Card Games

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You might wonder: What makes solitaire so popular? The answer lies in its gameplay. Originally created to kill hours in solitude, all you needed to play solitaire was a card deck and a flat surface. Solitaire evolved to be a fun and relaxing source of entertainment. However, the online counterpart of the game is way different from the traditional game. For one, you just need a smartphone and a stable internet connection to play. Two, unlike the traditional game, you can play online solitaire in a multiplayer mode with real players.

Moreover, trusted platforms like Solitaire Gold have adapted the card game in the real-money format, which means you can win real cash if you win a game. With these exciting additions to the game, it is expected that every player brings their A game. Regardless of whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned player, this game has something in store for everyone. Here are a few expert tips on how to master online solitaire card games.

1. Know the rules thoroughly

Sounds too basic to be a tip? Before you roll your eyes and move on, wait! Knowing the rules of the game, especially if you play multiple variations of solitaire, is very important. Online solitaire is time-bound and each move carries points. On Solitaire Gold, time management and gaming skills are of utmost essence. Almost every move you make has some number of points associated with it. Even if you know how to play solitaire, it’s important you check out the number of points that you get for each move. You will play the solitaire game online better and win more if you keep this point in mind while playing.

2. Follow the golden rule

There may be many people providing expert takes on how to ace a solitaire card game online. But this one rule will always be common. When playing online solitaire, if you have the option to pick between a card from the stockpile or reveal a face-down card, always choose the latter. Remember, the more cards you have freed to move, the simpler it becomes for you to finish the game. Moreover, the cards in the stockpile can always be recycled.

3. Reveal cards from the larger stacks first

If you find yourself in a dilemma on which card to reveal, always go for the face-down cards in the bigger tableau columns. There might be instances where revealing a card in a smaller pile will help you tackle a bigger pile. If that’s the case, absolutely go for it.

4. Keep your tableau columns even

When playing solitaire games, you should aim to keep your stacks even. Even if you can move some cards to the foundation piles, make sure those cards can’t be utilized to free up face-down cards in the tableau columns. The primary focus is to free the face-down cards, and you must try to release bigger stacks of unrevealed cards before continuing.

5. Play smart with kings

It is common knowledge that kings dominate the tableau piles. As crucial as it is to have the slot free for when a king comes along, leaving a pile empty is a deadly rookie mistake. Before you know it, you will be out of moves.

The decision of choosing which king to play must not be taken lightly either. The king you choose sets the tone for that entire tableau column. So be strategic. Always try to choose a king that will help you reveal cards from the biggest piles. Thinking ahead is the best way to ace online solitaire. For instance, if your king only has a black-colored 10 to follow it up, play a red king, so that when a black queen and a red jack come along, all the cards will fall into place.

6. Stack the aces and twos

Managed to reveal aces and twos? Immediately stack them on the foundation piles. However, be very choosy and wary about stacking further. Before you stack them on, deliberate if moving these cards to the foundations will tamper with your ability to move other cards later in the game. How high you can stack depends on how many cards you have face up. A good practice is not to go higher than two until you can stack your foundations evenly. Uneven stacking can lead to problems further down the game when you run out of moves to make.

7. Be quick

Want to master solitaire? You need to build the ability to think and react quickly. As mentioned before, when playing online solitaire on platforms like Solitaire Gold, the game is time bound. There will be absolutely no time to deliberate for too long. The solution? Keep practicing.

8. Do not meddle with middle cards

Middle cards i.e. 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s and 8s, give your tableau columns some structure. Play them too early and you might lose by a big margin. If you want to play your middle cards, make sure you meet at least one of these criteria.

  • The middle card matches the suit of the next higher-up card in the same color. For instance, if you play a 6 of spade (6♠)on a 7 of diamond (7), the 8 should be a spade. This is to help prevent jamming.
  • The middle card helps free a face-down card or will enable you to reveal a face-down card within a move or two.
  • The middle card is being moved onto a particular column for the first time.
  • You are almost out of moves and moving the middle card is the only option you have.


The key to winning online solitaire games is good strategy and a lot of practice. These tips will definitely come in handy in upping your game. Mastering online solitaire is also practicing responsible gaming and online safety. You cannot call yourself a master player if you do not possess the discipline.

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