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DJ Jas on putting together entertaining wedding sets

DJ Jas
DJ Jas

There is a wide variety of entertainment on offer at weddings, but DJs remain the most popular and regularly light up receptions with a multi-sensory musical experience.

Midlands-based Infinitive Music offers a wide range of packages and services to couples who are getting married, including a talented group of DJs. Eastern Eye caught up with lead man DJ Jas to find out more about working his magic at weddings.

Tell us about the DJ service Infinitive Music provides?
We are wedding specialists catering for all types of weddings – big or more intimate. We help couples plan the perfect ambience, from helping create the setup and stage design, to delivering entertainment for guests at the event.

How much do you enjoy DJing at weddings?
There is no better feeling than having a packed dance floor with all the guests enjoying the wedding and helping create memories that will last a lifetime.

What do you offer in a wedding set?
We offer a range of packages depending on the budget, venue and requirements from the couple. This includes a full DJ setup, host, a full visual setup and technical crew needed to make sure everything runs smoothly. The top priority is the couple and to make sure they are happy.

What is the secret of a good wedding DJ set?
It is all about playing the right songs at the right time. A big part of that is interacting with the crowd and getting everyone involved.

What advice would you give couples selecting a wedding DJ?
Make sure you believe in them that they have the confidence to perform at your event. Good DJs have loads of experience, so finding out about them should be easy. Do your research and proceed only when you feel fully comfortable that they can deliver.

Tell us how important is it for the DJ to closely work with the couple?
It is very important to make sure the day runs smoothly for both the couple and the DJ, so communication is key. If you don’t have a good communication channel with the DJ, then that should be a warning sign.

What has been the most memorable wedding you have DJed at?
There are too many to name because each wedding will offer a unique memory. The feeling of seeing happiness on the face of a couple about to embark on a lifelong journey together is priceless.

Are there any go-to tracks that never fail at a wedding?
The go-to tracks are what specific audiences will react to and as a DJ you can tell. But Das Ja, tracks by Sharry Maan and Diljit Dosanjh, and old school songs work.

What inspires you as a DJ?
I love to entertain and have a jam-packed dance floor. It feels great when you play a song and it forms an instant connection with the crowd.

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