Aseem Arrora’s write moves

RISING star Aseem Arrora has gone from writing for TV dramas to delivering big Bollywood screenplays. The talented writer will follow up recent films Bazaar and Malang with forthcoming big screen releases, including Bollywood blockbuster Bell Bottom, which stars Akshay Kumar and is due to start shooting in the UK next month. Eastern Eye caught […]

My top 10 children’s book for summer – Zanib Mian

I’M Zanib Mian, the author of the Planet Omar series. I wanted to share my top picks for children to read over the summer. I loved writing in Omar’s voice, creating a character that I hope kids from all backgrounds will love. I wanted the message to be clear: you can be yourself, even if […]

Stars under the scanner for fake follower fraud

HOW BOGUS SOCIAL MEDIA BOOSTS HAVE BECOME BIG BUSINESS by ASJAD NAZIR THE legal authorities in India have finally caught up with what I pointed out in this newspaper column some years ago and are now investigating celebrities who have been paying for fake social media followers. It has been reported that Indian police would […]

Raghu Dixit in a happy musical place

SINGER ON FINDING A PURPOSE, INSPIRATIONS AND HIS ZEE5 LIVE SESSION SHOW by ASJAD NAZIR BRAND new ZEE5 serial Supermoon Live To Home sees 24 performances from top music and comedy talent across 12 weeks. The various performances, which are accessible on the streaming site globally, include a standout turn from Raghu Dixit. The acclaimed […]

Vatsal Sheth: I get inspired from people and real life situations

FILM AND TV STAR ON HIS INTERESTING ACTING CAREER, CREATIVITY AND NEW MUSIC VIDEO RELEASES by ASJAD NAZIR FILM and television star Vatsal Sheth has balanced an interesting array of acting projects that have not only shown off his impressive range, but also given him golden opportunities to play some memorable characters. Most recently, he […]

India’s greatest movie turns 60

REMARKABLE STORY OF THE MUGHAL-E-AZAM MASTERPIECE AND ITS INCREDIBLE LEGACY by ASJAD NAZIR THIS week marks the 60th anniversary of Bollywood’s greatest film K Asif’s Mughal-e-Azam, which smashed box office records and set new benchmarks when it released to great fanfare on August 5, 1960. The K Asif directed epic starring Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar […]

What we will miss about lockdown life

GOOD THINGS ABOUT SELF-ISOLATION AND KEEPING THEM GOING by ASJAD NAZIR LOCKDOWN has been a terrible time for people around the world and now that it is slowly coming to an end there is a sense of relief. Although everyone is looking forward to resuming normal life again, there are many things about self-isolation most people […]

Vidya Balan: An A to Z of Bollywood’s versatile star

HOW THE AWARD WINNING ACTRESS SMASHED GLASS CEILINGS WITH STRONG ROLES by ASJAD NAZIR ACCLAIMED actress Vidya Balan has added the much needed girl power to Bollywood with strong performances in films that have smashed glass ceilings and expanded the horizons of the Hindi film heroine. The multi-award winning star continues her remarkable run of […]

Saiyami kind of wonderful

EXCITING NEW ACTING STAR KHER ON HER RECENT FILM AND DRAMA SERIAL SUCCESS by ASJAD NAZIR MOST of the world may have been stuck during the Covid-19 crisis, but Saiyami Kher has been moving at top speed and had three high-profile releases during lockdown. The talented young actress followed up thriller series Special Ops with […]

Bad Bollywood films flood streaming sites

HOW A LACK OF ONLINE QUALITY CONTROL IS DAMAGING HINDI CINEMA by ASJAD NAZIR THERE was a time if a film failed badly at the box office it would put Bollywood producers out of business and cut short careers of lead stars, even if they were related to someone famous. The massive money being pumped […]

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