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Bipasha Basu: I try to shock my body by doing different kinds of workout every day

Bipasha Basu is a fitness freak. She is one of the actresses who follow fitness regimes strictly. Speaking about her fitness mantra, she said to a leading Indian daily, “It is finally discipline that keeps you fit. Any shortcut that anyone wants to take will never work. It has to become your lifestyle. I preach the philosophy of ‘love yourself’. I believe we need to give love to our body, mind, and soul equally. I give my body that much respect. That’s what I have always followed.”

Adding further, she said, “Like every human being, I have my difficult phases, more so because I am a foodie and sometimes, I indulge a lot. Then I have to work hard to get back into the shape that I want to maintain. I want to be the best version of my own self. I have to challenge myself a little more because of the fact that my body is used to a certain kind of training for a very long time since 2005 to be precise.”

Talking about her diverse types of workouts, she said, “That’s why the results will always be slow in that case. I try to shock my body by doing different kinds of workout every day. There is no one particular routine that I follow. It’s a mix of functional training, cardiovascular activities, Pilates, yoga, and dancing. The key is to keep a crazy mix of things going on so that my body doesn’t get used to one thing and it shows results.”