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Biopic on music baron Gulshan Kumar to be renamed

Buzz has it that the makers of the upcoming Bollywood film Mogul have decided to rename the project. The film is based on the life of T-Series founder and music baron Gulshan Kumar who was shot dead in 1997.

Mogul was the title they zeroed-in on when they announced the film. But now, they feel that the audience will not resonate with it, so they have decided to change it. The new title will be announced soon,” a source divulges.

The biopic was announced in 2017. Initially, superstar Akshay Kumar was set to play Gulshan Kumar in the movie. However, he bowed out of it owing to some creative differences with director Subhash Kapoor.

After Kumar exited the film, rumours started doing the rounds that Aamir Khan might come onboard. However, it turned out that he had joined forces with T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar to co-produce the venture.

Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s names have also been thrown around for the role of Gulshan Kumar. However, the makers have not confirmed the final cast as yet.

The Gulshan Kumar biopic is expected to roll in 2019.