BBC radio broadcast to mark the 70th anniversary of Partition

A PLAY will be broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds on Monday (14) at midnight to mark the 70th anniversary of Partition. 

West Yorkshire Playhouse and BBC Radio Leeds will present the play, a tale of modern day couple Saima and Ranjit who battle with the subcontinent’s divide 70 years after it first occurred as their parents encounter conflict due to their opposing views.  

Playwright Nick Ahad said the story affects British families whose roots lie in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  

“It is incredibly exciting to be able to explore this story with the powerful mediums of both radio and theatre” he added.  

BBC Radio Leeds Editor, Sanjiv Buttoo said “Partition is very much an important landmark for our south Asian communities, and the memories of 70 years ago are still fresh for the current generation of British Indian and British Pakistani families.” 

A live performance of Partition will be performed at the Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse on September 8 and 9. For further information: