A Bangladeshi court has acquitted Hasnat Karim who was detained over suspecting his involvement in militants attack on a cafe in Dhaka.

A Bangladeshi court has reportedly acquitted British citizen, Hasnat Karim on Wednesday (8) who was detained without charge for two years suspecting his involvement in militants attack which killed 22 people on a cafe in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka in 2016, his lawyer said.

Human rights group Amnesty International tried its best for the release of Hasnat Karim, who was in the cafe along with his daughter when the attack took place.

Karim’s lawyer, Sanwar Hossain Somazder confirmed that his client would be released from jail later in the day. The lawyer has also clarified that his client would not be seeking any compensation.

Militants had attacked the cafe when Karim and family were celebrating his daughter’s 13th birthday party. The militants took 22 people hostages, most of them foreigners, who were killed on the same day.

Karim was detained after witnesses stated that he agreed to act as human shield during the attack.