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Asia seeks capital gains

EXPANSION: London is
seeing greater development
EXPANSION: London is seeing greater development

by ANDY MARINO BREXIT DRAWS INTEREST FROM EAST FOR PROJECTS ASIANS cherish gold and property, traditionally two of the very best investments. Britain’s Asian community is active not only as property owners but investors, too – as landlords and businessmen – and this will only grow as their overall prosperi­ty and prominence in the life of the UK continues to increase. But also, now, with the imminent arrival of Brexit and the opportunity for this country to turn towards the rising economies of India, South Asia and the Far East, we can look forward to many new capital in­flows to the UK. Just as entrepreneurs and businesses here will be forging alliances and breaking ground on new pro­jects in Asian countries and with Asian partners, there will also be fabulous new interest here from Asia and the Far East now that European Union rules no longer prescribe whom the UK must trade with or keep at arm’s length. Brexit may be either a good or a bad thing, but it is at any rate a real thing, and a whole eastern hemi­sphere of fresh opportunities is opening up just as some others might be closing. The future is Asia, and now Asia is welcome here more than ever before, just as Britain is now free to go to Asia. What is happening across Britain’s capital? A lot. London really is a skyline of cranes at the moment. Sometimes it seems endless, as if the city is one enormous building site. Quite apart from the myriad commercial projects, major infrastructure upgrades are ongoing: Crossrail, or “The Elizabeth Line” – at almost £15 billion, Eu­rope’s largest infrastructure construction project – will connect the countryside on the west and east of London and extend commutation and participation in the life of the city in…

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