Reports were coming in from various corners that Prakash Jha’s much-talked-about upcoming film, a biopic on Bihar based mathematician Shri Vashishtha Narayan Singh, has landed in legal troubles as Singh’s brother, Ayodhya Prasad Singh, has denied giving rights to any filmmaker.

However, producers Vinay Sinha and Priti Sinha confirm that they are going ahead with the project as they have all the exclusive rights to make a film on Shri Vashishtha Narayan Singh in place. They assert that the exclusive rights were granted to them through an agreement dated 24 April 2015.  

A statement issued by the producers reads:

“M/s Reel Life Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, hereby wishes to inform members of the Media and public at large that we are producing a film on the life of the eminent mathematician of Bihar, Shri Vashishtha Narayan Singh on the basis of the exclusive rights which have been granted in our favor vide Agreement dated 24.4.2015 to make a biopic on his illustrious life. Further, vide Injunction Order dated 16.4.2018, the Civil Court, Patna has passed an Injunction Order in our favour thereby restraining the family members of Shri Vashishtha Narayan Singh to give the biopic rights to any third party/s.”

Prakash Jha has also confirmed to helm the film. Currently, the team is busy finalizing the cast.