The Al-Imdaad Foundation responds to the Sri Lanka Floods

The Al-Imdaad Foundation responding to the Sri Lanka Floods
The Al-Imdaad Foundation responding to the Sri Lanka Floods

With thousands displaced after the recent flooding in Sri Lanka, Al-Imdaad Foundation teams responded with emergency aid to help victims overcome difficulties. Teams from the UK travelled to Sri Lanka to provide new shelter homes and emergency relief in rural villages affected by the devastating floods.

The landslides and flooding caused by days of torrential rain have hit many parts of the country, killing at least 43 people in total, according to official figures, nearly 350,000 people were displaced. In the worst-hit area, Aranayake district, three villages were buried after a huge section of hillside sheared away by the rain.

East Lancashire charity the Al-Imdaad Foundation, was quick to mobilise teams to join the humanitarian response initiative in Sri Lanka. The immediate needs of the population include food, new shelter homes and water sanitation as many had no access to even the essentials of daily life.

Country Director of Al-Imdaad Foundation UK, Abdussamad Mulla was also on the ground and stated “The disaster had caused damage to many villages and people are now trying to rebuild their lives, we appealed during the blessed month of Ramadhan for the Sri Lanka projects and with the great response from our donors we have been able to deliver new homes to families who have lost everything, we also delivered thousands of food parcels and also now we are trying to empower the people with our sustainable development plans, the work will continue and our teams are delivering on a daily basis in Sri Lanka with your valuable support.”

Within the last 16 months Al-Imdaad Foundation have provided over 900 water hand pumps and have empowered over 1600 individuals providing a sustainable approach to grow communities from strength to strength.

Al-Imdaad Foundation is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements and NGOs in Disaster Relief and also Al-Imdaad Foundation is a member of BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development). The Foundation supports the Code of Conduct and strives to incorporate its principles in its humanitarian work.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is registered with the United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs. The NGO Branch is the focal point within the United Nations for Non-Governmental Organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

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