Akshay Kumar on Coronavirus: It all boils down to maintaining proper hygiene

Instagram: Akshay Kumar
Instagram: Akshay Kumar

We all know that Coronavirus has become a big threat to the world. It started in China has been spreading in other countries as well. Thanks to Coronavirus, even Bollywood is facing a lot of issues. The shooting schedules of some films have been changed and there have been reports of producers planning to shift the release date of their upcoming movies.

Recently, while talking to a news agency, when Akshay was asked if the Hindi film industry will be affected due to Coronavirus, the actor said, “There will be some effect but how much that is difficult to say. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said people shouldn’t go to crowded places and safety measures should be taken. It all boils down to maintaining proper hygiene. One has to be very careful. We all have come down to the basic way of greeting people, that is ‘namaste’.”

Akshay starrer Sooryavanshi is also slated to release this month. There were reports that the makers of the film were planning to postpone the release date, but there’s no official confirmation about the same.

A few days ago, Salman had also posted on Instagram that people should avoid shaking hands and do salam and namaste. He had posted, “Namashkaar … hamari sabhyata mein namaste aur salaam hai! Jab #coronavirus Khatam ho jaye tab Haath milao aur gale lago…. @beingstrongindia.”