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Afraid of Sasikala, lied about Jayalalithaa’s health, says Tamil Nadu minister’s; Dhinakaran defends aunt with video footage claim

The mystery surrounding the hospitalisation and death of Tamil Nadu’s former Chief Minister and AIADMK ‘general secretary for life’ J Jayalalithaa has deepened with a sensational claim by party legislator Dindigul C Sreenivasan. 

C Sreenivasan, who is also Tamil Nadu’s Forest Minister, on Friday reportedly made statements regarding Amma’s stay at Chennai’s Apollo Hospital last year. 

“We told lies that Amma is eating sambar, chutney, tea etc so that you will believe that she is improving. In fact, nobody saw Amma eating idli or drinking tea or chatting… all are lies,” Sreenivasan said at a meeting in Madurai on Friday. 

According to the minister, everyone was lying to protect ‘party’s secret’. He said he wanted to the people of Tamil Nadu to apologise him for all those lies. “I seek pardon from you. Please forgive me.” 

Last week, Sreenivasan had also said the VK Sasikala, once a closest confidant of Jayalalithaa, was responsible for Amma’s death. On Friday, also he blamed Sasikala for all lies. “We were afraid of Sasikala at that time and lied about Jayalalithaa’s health condition,” he claimed. 

“It is very common that sisters who fight inside the house will appear to be friendly outside. We did not want the secret of the party to get leaked… that is why we lied,” he said. 

TTV Dhinakaran, however, defended his aunt and said nobody was allowed in Amma’s room due to fear of infection. Dhinakaran also said that he has footage of Jayalalithaa getting treatment in hospital and would hand it over at “an appropriate time”. 

Meanwhile, DMK< the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu has also reacted to the issue. “Although Tamil Nadu government announced probe into Jayalalithaa’s death but it has not started yet,” DMK’s MK Stalin said. 

Jayalalithaa, the matinee idol-turned-politican had a cult following and commanded loyalty and God-like devotion from her party members. 

Hospitalised on September 22, 2016, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu never came out of Apollo. 

The entire state was on edge with many rumours circulating at that time. 

While AIADMK maintained Amma was fine and signing documents, it was only in first week of October that the hospital administration said that AIADMK chief had erious lung infection. 

On December 5 at around 11:30 pm, Jayalalithaa breathed her last.